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Thread: Short-term "gain" leads to long-term loss!

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    Short-term "gain" leads to long-term loss!

    England selected Flintoff for the Headingley Test in the Summer despite knowing he needed a hernia operation.

    He played, made a pair, and bowled terribly. The delay in operating on him means his recovery has been put back, and he will now not feature until at least the 4th Test, by which time the series will probably be over.

    Good call there!
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    there is something wrong with england medicial team at the moment

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    I think it's more of a communication issue. It seems pretty obvious now that Gough and Flintoff were not going to be fit before Christmas. Who passed them as fit for travel. No one seems to be speaking up. Surely the decision was made high up that it was worth the risk to bring them along.

    I also ask whether Flintoff has been doing his best to get back or maybe his treatment has been badly issued. he should be working his butt off to get back. Look at Steve Waugh during the last Ashes series and Gillespie in this series. The injury he sustained in Colombo was meant to rule him out of the 1st test. he worked hard and played. There are still small question marks over his fitness but it looks like he will play.

    Marc you are probably right in saying that he should have had his operation earlier but his effort and treatment since must be under question as well.

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