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Thread: Overview Of India Fielding

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    Overview Of India Fielding

    Just a very good article here, I thought I'de post up, overviewing Indian fielding going into the WC. A good analysis of each player, IMO.

    Four exceptional fielders, four very good ones, a few average ones, and a few more poor ones...

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    Of course, our average is other countries crap.

    Really, aside from Yuvraj, Kaif, Raina and now Karthik, we have nothing.

    And its quite possible that we play ODI with 3/4 of those missing. Not good. Not good at all.

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    First of all, Joginder Sharma did nothing good or bad in the only opportunity he received so the author is pulling that out of his ass. Second, Gambhir is a good (not average) fielder. Third, Dravid (and Tendulkar, perhaps) is a good fielder. His role is not to run around in the outfield but rather to take catches in the slips and he's one of the best in that department.

    Finally, only one of the "exceptional" fielders is a regular (Yuvraj). Dravid and Uthappa are "good" fielders. Karthik is "exceptional" but not yet a regular, at least in one-day cricket.
    That's why it's so important for guys like Raina to perform with the bat.

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    Sehwag is a good catcher. Laxman is good in slips. Those are two names you can add. They both do what they are asked for in the field.

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    Well, it depends on whether you're playing Tests or ODIs.

    In ODIs athleticism is almost as important as hands.

    In Tests, taking catches >>>>>>>> any other aspect of fielding.
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    Yeah, agree with Richard (althought obviously if you're athletic and can stop those cover drives and cuts through point it helps too), but catching is the main key in tests. Best example is Sehwag, who is so different to regular point fielders such as Gibbs, Clarke/Symonds (when he plays tests), but is able to take the catches (stunning ones often). He's got a very good pair of hands.

    The issues in the field for India are Munaf Patel, Ganguly when the ball hits the ground, and Kumble. Harbhajan isn't too crash hot either. The rest are fine, its grossly exaggerated often because the crap ones (as named above) are incredibly crap.

    Of course, when it comes to stuff like hitting the stumps, saving fours on the boundary and stuff like that, India are behind countries like Australia and South Africa, but its the sacrifice you make if you're going to play experienced players such as Ganguly, Kumble and even Sachin now since his shoulder is limited.
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    A sacrifice that, if they're making runs and\or taking bowled\lbws, is more than expendible.

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