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Thread: Is Mohammad Asif currently the best fast bowler in the world ?

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    Is Mohammad Asif currently the best fast bowler in the world ?

    I think he's vying with STuart Clark for the top spot......
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    Not as outrageous as it sounds.

    He's better than Clark though.
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    Clark is becoming slightly over-rated IMO. Teams haven't really tried to plan against him yet due to McGrath and Warne - they've looked to score off him to relieve the pressure created by the other bowlers and they have been unsuccessful. So, in essence, the fact that he is under-rated by his fellow cricketers had led to his performances being slightly flattering. He'll come back to earth a bit now that he is the senior bowler - the fact that he gets so many wickets with balls that pitch outside the stumps and go away will come back to bite him IMO as batsmen will learn they can leave him alone a lot more than they have been.

    Asif looks the real deal to me though. Certainly better than Clark, and certainly has the ability, potential and consistency to claim the title given to him (albeit prematurely IMO) in the title of this thread. He's not quite there yet, but he could certainly get there fairly soon.
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    Asif is on track to become the best fast bowler, but I don't think he's done enough to claim that status yet. I'd have to give that title to Ntini right now.

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    Needs to do it for a little while longer, but he is 'better' than Ntini IMO, but hasn't done enough to prove to be better.
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    Not yet. Let him continue for a longer period and then we'll see. Given that McGrath is gone, Pollock is old, Bond is disabled and Akhtar is an enigma, it has to be Ntini right now.
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    Who is the best?

    Bond when fit, Ntini? might even through Malinga in there, Clark, Flintoff, Hoggard, Akhtar?

    Really no real stand outs after McGarth retired now.
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    Ntini has had a more prolonged run of form in Tests, so I would say that he is better. Asif probably has had one of the best starts to a career I can think of amongst bowlers.
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    Ntini. Three years from now, it might very well be Asif. He certainly has the chance, if he keeps building on what he has (and he already is a good bowler). Right now, you'd have to give it to the guy who's in great form.
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    Barring injury, I can see Asif becoming as good as McGrath. Obviously, my vision doesn't mean **** until Asif proves it.

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    Clark and Asif are both relatively unproven. Next year will see Clark face India and then tour the subcontinent (twice?), and Asif will play Australia. I think we'll have a better idea about both bowlers after that. They're certainly the most exciting we have at the moment, but it's definitely a bit premature to be calling either of them the best.

    Ntini is the best seamer in the world at the moment, but as Jono said, I think Asif could definitely move ahead of him in time, based on the way he has been bowling recently. Same applies to Clark, and I think it's certainly too early to be calling him overrated, just like it's too early to call him the best in the world (which, incidentally, I don't think anyone has done yet). He bowled amazingly well in the Ashes against a pretty good batting lineup, but there's a lot of tests a bowler has to go through before you can really rate them with any certainty. Players will target guys like Asif and Clark and form plans against them, and they will face a larger range of batsmen in varying conditions.
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    No, Makhaya Ntini is easily the best. Asif and Clarke are the best "newcomers"
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    No asif is the best going around on current form but stuey clark is a good test bowler but in odi he is no good coz he is too predictable and he does'nt have a good change of pace clark did'nt get wickets due to warne and pidge but he earned then he did the same in south africa but he is hopeless on flat tracks in odi bracks is the best bowler

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    I'd say Ntini, ATM. For starters because he's actually fit all the time. A stupid criterion, maybe, but it rules out nearly all serious opposition. Based on talent, pace, skill and whathaveyou, Akhtar and Bond would be obvious candidates but they hardly ever play.

    Asif may well be a close second, though, but he needs to prove himself over a longer period. Ntini has been going at or near his peak for two years now, that is the sign of true quality for me. Any bowler can fluke himself a good series, it's the consistency that counts. Also, as a young new bowler you have the surprise element, with opposition batsmen not quite knowing what to expect. Every batsman knows what Ntini can do and he still comes out on top more often than not. Asif hasn't been around long enough to show he can do the same..

    There are some interesting outsiders who might well stake a claim in the near future, though: Taylor, Malinga, Sreesanth have all made promising starts. If they can continue along the same curve, perhaps they can become serious challengers.

    For now, Ntini, though.
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    Ntini has been in great form lately from what iv'e heard. Asif would be close behind though

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