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Thread: Warne Fails To Honour Promise

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    Warne Fails To Honour Promise

    Sri Lankan cricket official: Australian spinner Warne failed to honour promise

    23 December 2006

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Australian spin bowler Shane Warne failed to honour his promise to donate money to help rebuild the Galle cricket stadium wrecked by the 2004 tsunami, a Sri Lankan cricket official said Saturday.

    'Shane is a fine cricketer, one of the best of our time, but he is not good at keeping promises,’ Jayananda Warnaweera, director of the Galle International Cricket Stadium told The Associated Press by the telephone from the southern city, one of the worst affected by the 2004 tsunami.

    Warnaweera, who played test cricket for Sri Lanka for 10 years from 1985, said he was pained to see that Warne, who took his 500th test cricket at the Galle stadium and promised the money, had not kept his word.

    'We have not received a cent,’ said Warnaweera, who is also the curator of the ground.

    One of the world’s most picturesque cricket stadiums, Galle was to be abandoned after the tsunami, which inflicted huge damages to the infrastructure and required the removal of 3 to 4 inches (10 to 8 centimeters) of top soil on the center pitches. The entire drainage system also needs to be replaced.

    Since being converted into an international test venue in 1998, Galle International Stadium has hosted 12 tests.

    In February, 2006 Warne visited Galle and promised help through the Shane Warne Foundation. Warne had a personal affection for the Galle Stadium because it was where he captured his 500th test wicket when Australia toured Sri Lanka in early 2004.

    Warnaweera said Warne had promised during TV interviews that he will be able to donate a big amount for the reconstruction of the Galle Stadium.

    'We had heard he will donate up to US$1 million (Ð0.76 million), plus US$50,000 (Ð37,901.76) that was supposed to have been raised by selling wrist band during the Boxing Day Test at Melbourne,’ Warnaweera said.

    'The waiting had been too long and too painful,’ Warnaweera said of the lack of response from Warne. Just nothing has happened.

    'Therefore we decided to go ahead and start the work ourselves,’ he added.

    Warnaweera said Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse, who is otherwise a Rugby fan, has agreed to provide the funds.

    'Our estimate is that it will cost between US$3 to US$4 million (Ð2.3 to Ð3 million) for the rebuilding work,’ he said, adding he plans to rebuild the facility by next November in time to host one of the tests when the English team visits Sri Lanka.

    Warne has announced he will retire from all international and domestic cricket after the fifth Ashes test against England next month. The 37-year-old Australian legspinner, test cricket’s leading wicket taker with 699 dismissals, made the announcement on Thursday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. He will return to the MCG on Tuesday attempting to secure his 700th test wicket in the fourth test against England.
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    Sounds a bit strange. Warne can be a tool off-field, I'd be one of the first to admit that, but publically commiting yourself to donating a million bucks, and then just hoping everyone forgets about it is surely stretching the bounds of credibility.

    I'd be interested to see a link or transcript of what Warne said, because it sounds like Warnaweera might have grasped the wrong end of the stick with what Shane had said.

    Be interested to see the response from Warne's people on this...
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    Wouldn't be the first time if this is true.

    The deal to stop smoking, his wife (well ex)...
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    It's a pretty lofty promise. I wonder if he actually did make such a promise or if Mr. Warnaweera is putting a 'watermelon' under Shane's arm. If true, I wonder why it hasn't happened.

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    I thought Warne has said that he was going to make some sort of announcement on Boxing day about this.
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    A bit disappointed by the publicity this is generating at a time when the great Cricketer's career should be acclaimed.

    * poorly timed adverse publicity * (I am a Sri Lankan - this could've been raised privately with Shane IMO, without using the media to build up this into a big thing )

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    Warne has done a lot with charity, he played in a number of matches for the appeal and went there with 60 minutes to raise the profile of the appeal

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    There was an article in The Age about it. I think it said something about him making an announcement during the Boxing Day Test that he was going to donate the money.

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    So what did he do with the money he raised from the Boxing Day armbands?
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    I will wait for the response than Warne's people give first before making any judgements, but I get the feeling Warne would donate the money after he retires so he can go over there and oversee some of the work that is going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James90
    So what did he do with the money he raised from the Boxing Day armbands?
    Am I missing something or does boxing day come early in Australia? I thought it was the day after x-mas?

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    The whole thing is stupid. I mean, that part of the world gets flattened by the tsunami, and the charity's priority is the rebuilding of the cricket stadium? A silly idea, and just lame of the media to bring it up at this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig
    Wouldn't be the first time if this is true.

    The deal to stop smoking, his wife (well ex)...
    Is he back smoking his wife?
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    I have no doubt some people will receive this news with glee, but personally I'm waiting to see what actually happened.

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