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View Poll Results: The Reason Behind Martin Crow's Accusation of Murali !

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  • Crow's extensive knowlwdge of Bowling actions tells him that Murali is Chucking !

    11 37.93%
  • Crow is suffering from Paranoid Delusions of Grandeur !

    3 10.34%
  • Crow is still Bitter about being bowled by Murali for a Duck

    10 34.48%
  • Crow Does not believe in "Optical illusions", ICC, or John Reid !

    5 17.24%
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Thread: Who Is Martin Crowe ?

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    Wow. Australia used to be racist. Newsflash!
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    Quote Originally Posted by social View Post
    Wikpedia's (the font of all knowledge) view

    "It is politically correct revisionism to suggest Racial discrimination played a part in his non-selection into the national team. Doubts over his bowling action may have played a part but in reality he lacked stamina and the heart to overcome unfavourable conditions. There were simply better bowlers available."

    BTW, for someone so quick, it's amazing that the keeper stood back, say, 15 yards

    As usual, the old-timers have grossly exaggerated and the chances are that he was little above medium pace
    "Unlike Bradman, Gilbert did not go on to greater fame, partly because of his dubious action, partly because of discrimination. In 1930-31, his debut season, Frank Gough, his Queensland captain, refused to travel if Gilbert accompanied the team. Other team-mates refused to speak to him or tried to run him out. "It's all right to be a hero on the field," he once said, "but a black man can be lonely when he is not accepted after the game." He was repeatedly no-balled for throwing - 13 times in one match at Melbourne in 1931-32 - and slipped into obscurity and a life of alcoholism and mental illness"

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