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Thread: Your most memorable McWarne wickets

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    Your most memorable McWarne wickets

    which delivery do u remember.. or made u fist pump the most

    haven't been watching cricket for so long [no world cups] but the wicket i enjoyed most from these two are the top of my head

    Flintoff c & b Warne, The Oval
    Flintoff b McGrath, Lords

    but just looking at youtube and stuff i think prolly just thinking... two big wickets that i would enjoy most are

    Gibbs b Warne in that semi...
    Tendulkar c & b McGrath 4 ...WC Final

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    - Chanderpaul SCG for Warne
    - McGrath Hat Trick ball against Jimmy Adams i think
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    M Ntini lbw b Warne 0 to win the 2nd test match in Durban earlier in the year.
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    Chanderpaul and Robert Samuels in an ODI in Australia in 96. Not sure which match.

    Warne bowling Gibbs in WC semi in 99 and then shouting "come on". Forget the dropped catch. THAT was when Australia won the world cup.

    Of course, him getting the record wicket right in front of my eyes (to break Walsh's record for most wickets.) I am not sure if it was Pathan or Parthiv but it was a great moment too.
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    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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    Strauss b Warne

    2005 ashes.

    Also McGraths hattrick ball

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    For McGrath - the hat-trick in Perth, in which Brian Lara was the 2nd wicket - and also his 300th test wicket. That was great.

    My other great memory of McGrath was the 2003 WC final where he opened the bowling and was just impossible for the Indians to score off, and basically killed the match as a contest...

    For Warne there are soo many to chose from. The 2005 Ashes series will stand as a testament to what a great player he has been. His stroll up to the wicket and thoughtful stroke of his chin after each ball are integral parts of cricket to me...
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    Individual wickets are pretty hard to pick out for McGrath because he got so many batsmen out in the same way, but his most memorable performances for mine are Brisbane against the West Indies in 2000 where he took 10 for about 40 in the match and went for less than one an over, and Lords '05. Actually, that entire series against the West Indies was just magic from McGrath. Simply dominated the most dangerous opposition batsman of his time, and the hat-trick that included the 300 and the wicket of Lara is truly memorable.

    For Warne, you can't really go past the Gatting ball. A lot of people dismiss it as overrated, but the simple fact that it was his first ever delivery in Ashes tests made it amazing enough, ignoring the fact that it was totally unplayable. The look of utter shock on Gatting's face is a moment for the ages. His matchwinning performances in the 1996 and 1999 World Cup semis are memorable as well, particularly the second one for the quality of the match, and there's simply countless times that Warne has come out in the third or fourth innings and done something amazing to turn the match. Just in the last 18 months there's been Trent Bridge last Ashes, the second test in South Africa where he got Ntini LBW in the dark to clinch the win, and the Adelaide test this month. Too many others to list. It's this ability to change the game with relentless pressure that makes him the best spinner ever, IMO.

    The one Warne performance I'd love to see again is when he knocked over Pakistan at the Gabba in '94 or so with 7 for 23. I don't really remember much of anything about that spell for whatever reason, though I remember most of the series. Perhaps I missed it or something. Either way, I've never seen footage from it since, and it's meant to be one of Warne's best moments.
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    For me, it will always be the flipper to Richardson on Boxing Day 1992. To put one over a class batsman like that, with the most difficult ball to bowl, you knew (and I figure so did he) that he'd arrived.

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    ME Trescothick c Gilchrist b McWarne 63

    Wicket #1108 - I was there.

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    They're all classic.
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFu_Kallis View Post
    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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    Warne: THAT ball - the look on Gatting's face was just priceless.

    McGrath: 555 of them!!! The one that comes to mind though is his figures when Aus went to tea on day 1 of the Lord's test in 2005. Hubby asked how it was going and I replied, "McGrath's insane". He had figures at that point of 7-3-7-3

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    Panesar b. Warne


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    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    My favourite Warne Wicket was him treading on his stumps at edgbaston, B Flintoff
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