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Thread: Living Room Cricket

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    Living Room Cricket

    Yes, I have done it. What you do, you get a ping-pong ball, use your remote as a bat, and a big cushion for wickets. To score runs:

    1 - A mad dash to one end of the living room to the other without being runout
    2 - if the ball hits one of the near walls, but has bounced first
    4 - if the ball has hit one of the near walls and has not bounced
    5 - if you can hit it down to the far wall, but bounces first
    6 - If you can hit it down to the far wall without it bouning before hitting said wall.
    10 - The Big One: 10 runs if you can hit three walls in one shot without it bouncing.
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    i play a varied version of this when i visit my friends house. we use a minitaure signature abt and a soft ball and box or a small bin for stumps u have to hit the end of the living room for runs.

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