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Thread: Best venue in the world

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    Best venue in the world

    What do people reckon is the best stadium in the world for cricket? I'd nominate Lords, the MCG, and Eden Gardens as front-runners...
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    The MCG for me.

    As much as I'd like to vote for my home ground, it's definitely not Eden Park.

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    It's a tough one here. I'd nominate one from each country. You choose the best.
    • Australia: SCG
    • England: Lords (or Oval?)
    • India: PCA Ground, Mohali
    • New Zealand: Basin Reserve?
    • Pakistan: Gaddafi, Lahore
    • South Africa: Newlands, Cape Town
    • Sri Lanka: Dambulla
    • West Indies: Kingston
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    Marsden Bay, NZ
    For NZ I'd go for Queenstown myself.

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    If I was a player, I would love to play at Eden Gardens. 100,000 people sitting in the stands, about 10,000 more climb the floodlights, about 10,000 sitting on the top of the stands. What can be better than so many people watching you.

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    Considering the fact that Wanderers hosted the CWC final I'd have to say that's the best ground in SA. And it is a nice place to watch cricket (so is Centurion for that matter). I'll probably be at Wanderers on Saturday. I've never watched a cricket match at Lord's but I went on a tour there when I was in London, and that was pretty awesome. Looks like a nice place to watch cricket.

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    MCG is the greatest, total bias here though.

    Out of the rest, the Newlands easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt79
    What do people reckon is the best stadium in the world for cricket? I'd nominate Lords, the MCG, and Eden Gardens as front-runners...
    Pretty handy three to start with as frontrunners - I've sadly never been to Eden Gardens but have been to the other two. Lord's has a charm and mystique all its own, even with the modernisations of recent years you can still truly feel the history and tradition oozing out of every corner of it.

    The G is a more curious beast - in terms of watching cricket, I wouldn't even say it's the best in Australia let alone the world (SCG and Gabba I reckon give better views of the action in the middle) but it stands alone in terms of the raw, colloseum-esque energy it generates. I imagine Eden Gardens and a number of other subcontinent stadia must feel the same.

    I've never experienced the grounds in South Africa or the Caribbean so I can't really comment on them, though The Wanderers receives rave reviews from anyone who has ever been near the place so I'm prepared to accept it must be something pretty special too.

    My life goal has always been to set foot on all 7 continents, and I'm not far off now. But I think a more worthy goal now is to go to every Test ground in the world - and I'm still a long way from achieving that...

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    Considering the impressive Football stadia we have, and that Twickenham is pretty impressive, our Cricket grounds are pretty poor IMO. Capacities are fairly low and to go slightly off topic, it's a disgrace that London gets three Tests out of seven a year, absolute joke.

    MCG for me

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    Never been to it, but MCG looks the most impressive on TV and from pics. Would love to attend a match there some day.

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    I would either say the MCG or Old Trafford
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    Lord's is pretty awesome. The Rose Bowl is very picturesque, but obviously isn't as big as the others. The Oval is great, and Taunton has a really good atmosphere too. Those are all the grounds I've been to when they're full.

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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    Good old Headingley, Auckland, SCG, Lords, Calcutta, SSC and MCG.
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    Atmosphere - Port Elizabeth
    Scenery and Weather - Adelaide, Cape Town
    Comfort - Centurion Park
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