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Thread: ABC 2 - Late Night Legends

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    ABC 2 - Late Night Legends

    Was going to mention this in the Madras Magic thread, but it seemed worthy of its own.

    For anyone who has it, ABC 2 will be showing a heap of archive cricket footage from 11pm to 1am, almost every night in the Ashes. I didn't notice it until now, but it's already into the second week of cricket, after the 58/59 and 65/66 Ashes series were on during the 1st test over four nights.

    Tonight is the 7th test of the 1970-71 series.

    Info & Schedule
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    Sweet...thanks for that. They showed the entire Australia v Rest of the World series about a year ago. Worth watching.
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    A reason to keep living tbh.
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    Should've mentioned this the other day. It's pretty damn awesome to watch...
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    Hahaha funniest drama.

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    Actually we have a similar channel in Britain - ESPN Classic - and they've been showing England v Australia sereies from 1972 (they are now at 1985) - hopefully they will NOT show 1989!
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    Good catch, I just about never watch ABC2.
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