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View Poll Results: # 5 for the 1946-65 World Test XI

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  • Ken Barrington

    5 20.00%
  • Colin Bland

    0 0%
  • Brian Booth

    0 0%
  • Denis Compton

    3 12.00%
  • Tom Graveney

    0 0%
  • Neil Harvey

    6 24.00%
  • Peter Parfitt

    0 0%
  • Graeme Pollock

    2 8.00%
  • Polly Umrigar

    0 0%
  • Frank Worrell

    9 36.00%
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Thread: # 5 for 1946-65 World Test XI

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    # 5 for 1946-65 World Test XI

    This in now a 4-day poll to pick the # 5 for the 1946-65 World Test XI:

    First, the four runner-ups from the # 4 Poll:

    Ken Barrington (Eng): 62 tests, 5166 runs @ 58.04 (14/28) HS 256
    Denis Compton (Eng): 70 tests, 5339 runs @ 49.89 (15/26) HS 278 --- 23 wkts @ 58.60
    Neil Harvey (Aus): 79 tests, 6149 runs @ 48.41 (21/24) HS 205
    Graeme Pollock (SA): 14 tests, 1202 runs @ 52.26 (4/6) HS 175 --- 4 wkts @ 47.75

    And now the # 5 batsman nominees:

    Colin Bland (SA): 20 tests, 1637 runs @ 51.15 (3/9) HS 144*
    Brian Booth (Aus): 27 tests, 1705 runs @ 44.86 (5/10) HS 169
    Tom Graveney (Eng): 55 tests, 3107 runs @ 41.98 (6/12) HS 258
    Peter Parfitt (Eng): 30 tests, 1585 runs @ 45.28 (7/4) HS 131* --- 9 wkts @ 55.33
    Polly Umrigar (Ind): 59 tests, 3631 runs @ 42.22 (12/14) HS 223 --- 35 wkts @ 42.08
    Frank Worrell (WI): 51 tests, 3860 runs @ 49.48 (9/22) HS 261 --- 69 wkts @ 38.72

    The 1946-65 World Test XI so far:

    1. Len Hutton (Eng)
    2. Arthur Morris (Aus)
    3. Clyde Walcott (WI)
    4. Everton Weekes (WI)
    5. --------------------------

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    Quote Originally Posted by KungFu_Kallis View Post
    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    I voted Worrel, then realised that Compton was on the list

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    I voted Harvey over Worrell primarily due to him having 21 centuries from 79 tests, whereas Worrell only had 9 from 51 tests.

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    Worrell - he had a reputation (or atleast, does amongst the older generation WI fans) for scoring particularly proficiently when the chips were down ( same reason why Ian Chappell is rated highly by the fans of that era and Greg Chappell loses a bit of ground) and he's an alltime great captain up there with the very very best- probably the best off-field captain cricket ever had and a superb tactician on field.

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    Barrington-Harvey. Barrington-Harvey....


    Barringtons record is more than special, but I think I have to go with Harvey.
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    For me it was a choice between Barrington, Worrell, Pollock and Harvey. I went with Harvey for his high conversion rate and Bradman rated him as one of the best batsmen against spin of all time and I think 5 would be the perfect position for him to come in at.
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    Worrell, Good/great batsman. Great captain and could bowl a bit as well.
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    Pollock for me - a special cricketer. Barrington's average is higher, but Pollock scored his runs in a faster and more entertaining fashion.
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    Compton. By reputation.
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    I went for Frank Worrell, had to have the 3 W's combining.
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    I wanted Pollock, but he doesn't stand a chance. Worrell it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adharcric
    I wanted Pollock, but he doesn't stand a chance. Worrell it is.
    Okay, so with phenox picking Worrell by mistake over Compton, while you really wanted Pollock, it should be Harvey and Worrell equal on 5 votes

    Actually I wouldn't be upset at any of these 3 getting in, however as Harvey was considered the 2nd best Australian batsman ever (until Chappell came along), I'd love to see him at # 5

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    I thought Trumper was the 2nd best?

    As to this, I dunno - I reckon Worrell though a good batsman is overshadowed by Harvey, Barrington and Compton and I dislike including him purely for his captaincy especially when we have a perfectly good captain (who earns his place against all comers on his batting alone too) in Len Hutton. I am leaning towards Barrington but really like Harvey too.


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