View Poll Results: Who will retire with an average of >60?

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  • Rahul Dravid

    19 31.67%
  • Ricky Ponting

    23 38.33%
  • Jacques Kallis

    1 1.67%
  • Sachin Tendulkar

    1 1.67%
  • Mohammad Yousuf

    5 8.33%
  • Inzamam Ul-Haq

    2 3.33%
  • Brian Lara

    0 0%
  • Someone else (please specify)

    3 5.00%
  • None of these

    20 33.33%
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Thread: Who will retire with a batting average of >60?

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    The Wheel is Forever silentstriker's Avatar
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    Who will retire with a batting average of >60?

    If anyone, and why?

    If I was Rahul Dravid, I would retire the day after I got my average up to 60, he's at 58.75 now...he can get there if he bats selfishly for a couple tests.

    But then I'm a selfish bastard.

    IMO Dravid and Ponting have the best chance. Tendulkar is winding down, and I don't think Yousuf has the class to sustain it at that level. Kallis is an X factor, but he too is probably winding down soon.

    Though in all honesty, I don't think anyone of them will do it.
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    I think Dravid and Ponting both have a reasonable chance of ending up over 60.
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    Ponting could do it I reckon. Following his imminent Ashes slump, he'll hit another purple patch. He's the best batsman in the world; there's no reason he can't average 60.

    Hussey could always retire tomorrow of course.

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    I'm fairly confident that Dravid will do it. Not sure about any of these other names though. I don't think Ponting's current form will last beyond the upcoming Ashes series tbh.

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    I can't really see any of those players finishing with a batting average above 60. IMO Ponting and Dravid are the only contenders but I think it would be unlikely for either to average 60.
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    I think it's a long shot, but if I had to bet on one, it would be Dravid. Besides the fact that he's a great batsman, he plays in the sub-continent. Theoratically, that should translate to higher scoring opportunities.

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    Ponting and Dravid both have a good chance but they will have to overcome some hurdles.
    Ponting will have to do well in the Ashes and then when he tours India.
    Dravid, on the other hand, will have to make tough runs in South Africa and England.
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    I thought about Hussey but it wouldn't really be fair because he hasn't been around as long as Ponting and Dravid, whom I think both have a decent chance of finishing their career with an average of over 60.
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    I think Mohammed Yousef is the youngest one, he can bat for days and has more time to do so.
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    Ponting and Dravid are both captains of their teams. That means they aren't retiring soon, and more then likely father time will catch up but they'll be playing on past their peak like most players do. I wouldn't be too surprised if their average was above 60 at one point maybe, but I'm pretty sure it'll more then likely fall below it before they call it a day and retire.
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    Hussey, Ponting or Dravid with an outside chance for Mohammad Yousuf.
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    The problem with players such as Ponting and Dravid is that they've been playing so long that to even get their average over 60 requires a huge effort, before they even think about maintaining it at that level.
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    I clicked other cos I think that it'll be Mike Hussey
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    Mike Hussey probably will, I mean he averages around 75 at the moment. But when he retires he won't have played as much test cricket as Ponting, Dravid or Yousuf so it's not really fair to judge him alongside those guys.

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    If anyone was going to do it, it'd have to be Ponting (58.22) and Dravid (58.75). Can't see anyone else getting close.
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