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Thread: Three-way series under threat

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    Three-way series under threat

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    Honestly speaking ! I guess the format is way lengthy first of all and also some times Australia cannot invite two other quality sides .
    Teams like Pakistan , Newzealand and South Africa are fine but problems come when Bangs , Zims or some ultimate ODI chokers (on Aussie soil) are invited and they just ruin the worth of the tournament.
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    Good thing really.... rather waste of time.. playing so many meaningless matches. It just drags on for a month. Its not as half as bad when they have 3 decent teams but when they just chuck in Zimb in.. it gets pretty meanigless. You know who's going to play the final so why bother.

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    I like seeing two neutral sides battle it out in Australian conditions. The current skeleton Zimbabwe team hasn't been to Australia, the last time they were out they were a fairly competitive side. The concept can become a little tiresome but I would prefer it to playing a 7 match series against the one touring side which is what will happen against the likes of SA, Ind and Eng if the triangular series is scrapped, it's overkill but CA need the cash cow.

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    I'll always have a soft spot for the Aussie tri-series, but you can't deny that all the other meaningless money grabbing three-ways that are scheduled these days have diluted its appeal.

    Probably the way to go, IMO.

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    Had its day tbh
    You know it makes sense.

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    Good tradition but it needs to go.
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