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Thread: Winter cricket in Australia

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    Winter cricket in Australia

    Australia gets incredibly hot in summer, especially the northern areas. That can drain a cricketer's energy a great deal, even in places like Sydney, going down south. Winters in the North may not be so cold, so why not have winter cricket in Australia in places like Darwin and Cairns? We've seen a few Tests held there, so why not have more winter action there?
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    Darwin and Cairns are just as bad, with extremely humid coniditions.
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    Money. A lot of the state players play county cricket and don't have the time. I like what they did this year though with the A teams playing off. I would have liked to see this broadcasted on Foxtel.
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    There is winter cricket in Australia (at club level), its not as popular though as it competes with footy season.
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    How are the facilities offered in Darwin and Cairns? And what other prospective centres exist along the northern area? Someone mentioned humidity, so how often does it rain there?

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    Footy in the winter, cricket in the summer. That's the way its been for over 100 years. Will never ever change either.
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    Gelman's right. Nobody gets into cricket in the winter, it's all footy.

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    They don't want cricket clashing with the three footy codes and soccer becuase I imagine quite a few club players play cricket in the summer and Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL or soccer in the winter.
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    It's a growing trend for southern Australian cricketers to head up to north QLD or Darwin and play some club cricket during Winter.

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    The problem with Darwin and Cairns are the facilities. While it is a good idea the facilities are lacking which means not many people will want to watch which means no money,

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