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Thread: Rate the player relay.

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    Rate the player relay.

    The idea of this thread post your thoughts/memories etc. on the player/official/coach left by the previous poster and then leave a new player's name....I'll go first to show you how it works...

    Javed Miandad:

    Miandad is undoubtably 1 of the greatest players ever to come out of Pakistan. Most known for his undoubted grit, and ability to scrap it out is matched by few others. His fighting qualities were undboubted, just ask dennis lilee whom almost had the pleasure of tasting Javed's bat.

    With the ability to either nurdle the ball around, or swat a few big ones when needed, Miandad became a truly influential player in the pakistan team.

    Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to appoint Javed as the captain as his abrupt, no holds barred attitude proved to be disruptive, and did not allow him to share a positive relationship with many of his teammates.

    His record of playing in the first 6 world cups is simply unbeleivable, and in unlikely to be touched in any of our lifetimes.

    Since retiring Miandad has had a few stabs at being the national teams coach, but unfortunately for Javed all 3 attempts didn't lead to much success and he was promptly replaced by Bob Woolmer after an unsucessful series against fierce rivals India in 2004

    Next Player: Bruce Reid
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    Bruce Reid

    Its a shame his career was cut short by injuries, the little test cricket he played he showed the world what a dangerous fast bowler he was who combined sharpish pace with accuracy and the extra bounce he got due to his 6' 7" frame.

    Heath Streak

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