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Thread: Ajay Sharma

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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire

    Ajay Sharma

    Could somebody in the know please explain to me why he didn't play more tests and ODIs for India. Also could you explain how the match fixing came about. Thanks.

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    He didn't play more because of zonal selection policies and just boneheadedness on part of the selectors.

    As for match fixing, I am not sure how he was implicated.
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    There was enough CBI evidence to implicate Azza and Prabhakar and circumstantial evidence of Ajay Sharma and Jadeja using their cricket contacts to introduce bookies to players and vicer versa and indulging heavily in betting as well

    Ajay Sharma was a useful ODI player and won a match for India in blr vs Aus with some big hitting in the Nehru Cap

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