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Thread: Do you want to see Dean Jones commentate again?

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    Cricket Spectator arjunmiglani's Avatar
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    I don't mean that he called him a terrorist by mistake, but that he said something stupid, which we've all done , some of us more than once.

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    There's not an option for my opinion which is basically "nice to see a bloke able to earn his corn again, but I'm fairly indifferent as I consider him a fairly indifferent commentator".
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    Global Moderator Matt79's Avatar
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    I voted 'no' because I find him an irritating commentator - despite how much I loved him as a player.

    That said, "I just want justice" has gone into my vocab!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arjunmiglani
    Yes, because...
    a) everyone makes mistakes, as has been said before
    b) yes, he's not a great commentator, but how many great ones are there? At least he sounds enthusiastic, unlike some of them ( Bob Willis comes to mind.)
    I like Bob Willis. He isn't nearly as boring as some people portray him to be, he can be amusing at times too, and he does know what he's talking about.

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    State Captain Nishant's Avatar
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    Dean jones is a decent commentator. He's better than all the other biased english commentators like ian botham. IMO Jones was quite gd.....but i dont really mind if he doesnt cum back

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    U19 Vice-Captain pietersenrocks's Avatar
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    How can a set a line to be at the bottom of my every post like Tomm NCCC

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