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Thread: Cricket on YouTube

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    Sorry but this one was nagging me. It's such a bizarre video and I'm not even sure if I know why. Hayden looks weirdly young, as does Gilchrist. Gilchrist laughing hysterically along with somehow looking taller than usual. The way the dismissal goes after just kicking the ball away for the whole over. Maybe it's just me but it really is bizarre.
    Well the Irish did it on St Patrick's day

    Rip Fardin Qayyumi, Bob Woolmer and Craig.
    No offence Neil
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    The great John Snow in action....
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    Sorry to revive an old thread with a relatively off topic question, but can anyone name the song that's played here as Buttler hit's his first boundary (0:05 in roughly) it's been plaguing me for absolutely AGES now! Thanks.

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    Stefani, Gwen - Sweet Escape

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    vic what song is this song parodying.
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    I got pretty hard watching this

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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    Stefani, Gwen - Sweet Escape
    Thank you, mate. It was really beginning to bug me that I didn't know it!

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