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Thread: England vs Pakistan - the most controversial decision in the history of cricket

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    England vs Pakistan - the most controversial decision in the history of cricket

    Darell Hair's decision has once again proved controversial. The Oval Test trophy was awarded to England because Pakistan refused to emerge promptly after tea. The fact that England was behind in this match made no difference. The English players know that they didnít dominate this series 3-0. The result isnít the most important aspect of this bizarre episode. The officials - Darrell Hair, his immediate superior Mike Procter, and their ultimate boss Malcolm Speed - seem to have based their decisions on the law. But laws do have flaws. Something went seriously wrong and we need to know what that was.
    I have recently read a good article, tried well to unveil the truth behind this controversy.
    Link of that article is here >>

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    Is it really that hard to use one of the several other threads on this subject?
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