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Thread: Pakistan Tour 2005 England Team Signed Cricket Bat Auction

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    Pakistan Tour 2005 England Team Signed Cricket Bat Auction

    Hello everyone,

    Firstly, I would like to apologise if I am posting at the wrong place.

    I am doing an auction on behalf of the Malvern Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). (In case you don't know, the RNLI is not funded by the government).

    This auction is for a superb mint condition cricket bat which has been signed by the full 2005 England Cricket Squad. The bat has been donated by Lord Maclaurin (Chairman England & Wales Cricket Board 1996-2002, Chairman Council of Malvern College 2002-Present) in support of the Treorchy Male Choir Concert which takes place in Big School, Malvern College on 9 September 2006.

    If anyone is interested in bidding for this excellent cricket bat please go to . Please bid generously to support the RNLI and their event. The auction will end at 9:00 pm on Wednessday 6th September 2006. All proceed from the auction will go towards the event.

    The auction will also be listed on Ebay later tonight. I will post the link to the listing on EBay once it is listed.

    Please be aware that this is a charity auction and that I am doing the auction on behalf of RNLI for free.

    Best regards,
    N MacKenzie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbinator

    Hi, I know what you mean but rest assure that this is a legit auction.
    You can put your bidding on the website if you wish. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill the bidding form.

    Best regards,
    N MacKenzie

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