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Thread: Is Brian Lara the best choice of W Indies?

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    Is Brian Lara the best choice of W Indies?

    As West Indies is hoping to win the cricket world cup in 2007 after 28 years, the appointment of Brian Charles Lara as the captain of the West Indian team has come under great scrutiny.

    But I strongly feel that the appointment of Brian Lara as the captain of the team is the best option for the host team. It is also extremely important that Brian Charles Lara leads from the front. If the West Indies has to win the world cup then it is essential that Lara contributes with the bat as well as motivate the players to play as a unit for their nation. If they play as a team and work on their weaknesses then they stand a very good chance to gift their country the Cricket World Cup. What is your view? Is Lara the best choice of West Indies? If not, then who is the best? You can read an analytical article who has tried to analyze the capabilities of some of the players on the team here >>

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    He captained the side well in the West Indies, as evidenced by a competitive Test series with India and a fine ODI win over India. I'd say that Ganga is the best captain in the region still, followed by Sarwan, but Lara has had the players playing spirited cricket thus far this year. At this stage it would be suicidal to change the captain... unless Chanderpaul were still at the helm.
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    What's the reason for Lara not playing in Stanford 20/20?
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    Well he said he wanted to cut down on limited overs cricket to prolong his Test career, but then the captaincy complicated that plan. Twenty20 cricket, however, was far from necessary in terms of his participation.

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    I kinda think he is the ONLY choice for the Windies right now.
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