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Thread: Harmison's mysterious discomfort

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    Harmison's mysterious discomfort

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    Then why play him in the final test?

    I think his problem is simply the fact he's not bowled enough overs this year.

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    I think its just a convenient excuse for his poor performance. He's always struck me as someone who doesn't take criticism very well.

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    I really do not understand why Harmison played in this Test if he was carrying a problem. The same goes with Hoggard and his dodgy knee.

    Surely, as its a dead rubber, guys like Lewis, Tremlett or even Broad could have come in an given the more senior guys a chance to rest and get over their niggles.
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    Fletcher will never do anything of the sort though. A test Match is a Test Match, regardless of the opposition or the situation tends to be his theory, that's why the batting line-up wasn't altered against bangladesh last summer to give Flintoff much needed time in the middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superkingdave
    I think its just a convenient excuse for his poor performance. He's always struck me as someone who doesn't take criticism very well.
    Concur. Andy Caddick use to play a very similar card.

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    I don't know if i'm being unfair, but Harmison seems to be like someone who doesn't aspire to be a lot better than he is. His comments in the press have been 'I've got more wickets than anyone else in this series, job done' now this may just be his reaction to the press.

    I think he probably has a bit of a side strain because he is bowling badly.

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    The general TMS feeling was that he's not had enough bowling this summer - however I can't see that situation changing. The question is should it?

    To be fair to him he did turn it around by all reports yesterday, but that only confuses his comments about injury.
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