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Thread: Why Ian Bell should be in England's Ashes Team...

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    Why Ian Bell should be in England's Ashes Team...

    As this Winter's Ashes series draw nearer England will have to make a selection over who bats where , and more importantly why.

    So I am going to make the case for Ian Bell. The Only one of the Bell - Cook - Collingwood triangle to play and major part in an Ashes win (So Far...). So why should a man averaging 17.10 against the aforementioned be involved. A man with war wounds from the last tour.

    Well the simple arguement is his international career. He has the tenth highest international test average in the world over the past two years. A length of time spanning his test career from way back when he squared off against the West Indies in his first test. The List of Players:

    Who would you pick from Bell , Collingwood and Cook.

    For Me Cook and Bell.
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    Bell still averages less than Colly when you remove the Bangladesh freebies and I still wouldn't trust Bell to deliver if there's a bit of pressure on him or there's not a load of soft runs to accumulate from one end. Colly's fielding is worth a good 5-10 runs per innings more than the other batsmen anyway - which is usually overlooked.

    Anyway I'd have all 3 and hope Bell can continue to flourish in the little bit softer number 6 slot.
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    Quite simply i'd feel more confident having Cook and Bell in the team than Collingwood. Bell has clearly regained his form this summer and Cook has taken his chance well and produced some very useful performances since coming into the team.
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    Strictly in terms of technique to succeed in Australia, I'd back Bell ahead of all three. Cook looks very uncertain against legspin, and Collingwood looks like he might struggle against quick, short bowling.
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    ...because he's made 3 hundreds in 3 Tests?

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    Bell & Cook.

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    I would never feel confident with Collingwood in my middle-order, but he is a good guy to have later on when the heat is on. Cook and Bell around Pietersen for me, but Collingwood should probably stay as well, rather than Mahmood/Plunkett/Anderson. I don't see Mahmood, Plunkett or Anderson troubling the Aussies consistently, so Bell, Collingwood and Pietersen need to bowl 20 overs among them to relieve Flintoff, Harmison, Hoggard and Panesar.

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    Personally I would have all three. Cook, Pieterson, Collingwood and Bell make up a good middle order, all having scored quite heavily during the Sri Lanka and Pakistan series. It does mean that England will go into the Ashes with only four bowlers which in turn means that Bell, Collingwood and Pieterson are going to have to bowl 5-10 overs each to ease the load on the frontline bowlers.
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    Take all 3, and have Collingwood able to play the Gary Pratt role.

    I notice Scaly ignores the Bangladesh games for comparisons but includes the game where Bell stuck his hand up and opened at the last minute because of injuries...
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    All of them will be in the touring party : whether they all play obviously depends on which bowlers play. I'd play all three. If Flintoff comes in for Mahmood, then eight of our side have Test wickets to their name, you can trust Colly/Bell to bowl a few mediums here and there, and give KP a bowl if the conditions are right.

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    I`ve picked Cook and Collingwood, and I do so hanging my head in shame. I just really believe Bell will struggle against McGrath, Lee and Warne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    Take all 3, and have Collingwood able to play the Gary Pratt role.

    I notice Scaly ignores the Bangladesh games for comparisons but includes the game where Bell stuck his hand up and opened at the last minute because of injuries...
    What's that got to do with anything? Collingwood also had a far tougher series of games in his early England career - the sort of games Bell would have crumbled in, instead of helping ensure a draw as Collingwood was in for (which isn't very good for your batting average) and managed on two occasions. Bell can score as many soft runs as he likes he still hasn't proven he can score runs against Australia. The other two haven't either, but they've scored more runs in pressure situations and haven't a history of being useless in an entire Ashes series.

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    All 3 to play, with 4 bowlers..

    IMO Bell has the correct technique, more than Colly or Cook.
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    It's a nice problem for England to have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnanden
    I`ve picked Cook and Collingwood, and I do so hanging my head in shame. I just really believe Bell will struggle against McGrath, Lee and Warne.
    I do kind of agree, actually. Bell looks to have by far the best technique of the 3, but he does exude a certain diffidence which I suspect would be seized on by the Oz attack. Warne tied him in knots last year & I'm sure will be quick to point that out in the winter.

    If we're looking to play a 5 man attack my 3-7 would be:

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