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Thread: Non-Playing Cricket Fans

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    i've not picked up a bat in anger since leaving school 5 years ago, bar a couple of knock abouts in the park with uni mates. Cricket being a summer sport kinda didnt fit into my uni timetable, as i'd taken up hockey/football (then promptly left uni before the cricket season started)... as the years went on, even they fell by the wayside for more focus on traditional uni sports: Extreme Drinking and Drunken Pool.

    Been tempted to go down to my local Cheshire County League side and have a try out, but i'm worried that after 5 years i'd be laughably bad (bowling down the hall with a bouncy ball cant have kept me in form! As for batting i'd probably be even worse)

    It'd be nice to play again, even if it was just to keep me in shape, but i'm not getting my hopes up, i'm 23, not played in years, and i wasnt too hot in the first place (although i think mentally i'm more aware of the game and how to play better, so i reckon i'd be a much better player now)
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    Except for running, which I used to be half-decent at before I discovered women and alcohol, I have always been completely diabolical at all sports. I take my brother for a bat and bowl fairly often, but I never play properly. I suck.

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    Never ever played the game, other then once throwing a tennis ball in such a way that it came out as a leg spinner. Yay me.

    Of course, over here hardly anyone plays the game, especially not in my former part of the country and in my socio-economic class.

    Being an anglophile scientist does make you susceptible to liking cricket, though, so here I am.
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    I play for a local club.
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    I play locally for my club (U-15s, occasional adult games) and for my school side. Can't even comprehend what cricket would be like if you can't experience it yourself.

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    Played since I was nine years old. Stopped for four years to concentrate on University. Have been playing ever since. And now, at 28, I've just started to bowl left arm legspin. It's like I'm a born again cricketer - it's really reinvigorated my (playing) interest in the game.

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    played club since i was 9, 2 years of school cricket and made districts last year (and had a friend make it to state before and the A squad when i was in U-12)
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    I've got half a team full of non-players tomorrow. Prospect of having to score runs is alarming me.
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    I was fairly good at cricket as a kid, and played for various teams in and outside of school until midway through high school or so, and then stopped and haven't started again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono
    I play for a local club.
    May I ask who for?

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    I go to nets practically every week & get a game when the side's struggling to get a quorum & the missus doesn't have a prior claim on my time. Have an offer of a game this Sat (unsurprisingly...), but have a prior Germanic-based appointment.
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    Non- playing apparently means 'play every now and again and sometimes pretty frequently" it seems.

    Im not currently, have never and will never play cricket. I used to do dancing and netball, blokey cricket wasnt really on my agenda. Plus Im really lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    I've got half a team full of non-players tomorrow. Prospect of having to score runs is alarming me.
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    Play sporadically, mostly recreational in parks and what have you. Was due to play for my university but I had a slight altercation with the captain and was told in pretty uncertain terms that I will never play as long as that *** is captain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atichon
    Huge fan, never played, from a non-playing country, and being 39, I doubt I will have a chance
    How did you ever get interested in cricket in France ?

    And where abouts in France are you?

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