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Thread: Flintoff Showing Signs of Wear and Tear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie
    exactly thats why i feel the idea of the 4 seamers being England main attacking options once all are fit would work. But since blokes like Jones & Flintoff are injury prone it probably its safer to have the spinner to cover them.
    Well, you'd better include Harmison in that assessment as well. He's probably only played in about 75% of the tests that he could have, due to recurring injuries - ankle, back, shin (you know - 'fast bowler' injuries).

    Hoggard's been the exception, of course - find us three more as resiliant as him and you can have your damned four seamer attack - provided one has the strength of an ox and is a gem of a batsman, one is nearly six and a half foot and makes batsmen jump about and the third is one of the best exponents of reverse-swing in the world.

    Even then I'd still play a fifth bowler.
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    Didn't he need ankle surgery before the Ashes last year? Following the SA test series?

    Maybe its a good omen, or a good luck charm.
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    Hopefully. After a rest Fred can come back firing on all cylinders, and peak in November, showing everybody just why he is the world's greatest Cricketer....

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    It'll be disappointing if he's not fit and firing come Ashes time, both from a neutral perspective and an Australian one. It'd be a shame to regain the Ashes and have to deal with 2 and half years of "if only we'd had Flintoff!".
    Add Jones to that now;

    This doesn't bode well. Sad; if England come here without Jones and with a half-fit Freddie, well there's two of he big reasons they won the Ashes right there.

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