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  • Yes, I'm a cricket fan, and cricket is my life!!!

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  • Maybe, if I don't have much to do

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  • No. I've to earn a living, and I need some sleep!!!

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Thread: Would you stay up late for a match?

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    Cricketer Of The Year Arjun's Avatar
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    Would you stay up late for a match?

    Indian cricket fans in the United States are a rather unlucky lot. They can only watch live cricket in the West Indies at a normal time, or maybe matches in Australia and NZ, and the odd day-nighter in England. Yet, we read about some who are mad enough to sit up late at night to catch the Indian team playing in India, or wake up early to catch them in South Africa or England.

    I'm an India supporter in India, and here's an estimated story of the average cricket fan in India. He will sit up really late to catch matches in Africa, and the madder they get, there's a chance of them watching a whole match in the West Indies. Once matches in those islands become day-nighters, the really, really mad ones would even lose all eight hours of sleep to watch them. Catching a few in Australia is no big deal, since we only have to get up a little earlier, unless some of us want the studio talk as well. Mad cricket fans who don't just support India may watch everything, but they're rare to find.

    As for me, I'd just catch the matches I can get to watch at a good time, which often leaves out matches in the Caribbean, or night innings in South Africa. I don't want to lose sleep (or wake up my family and neighbours) with a cricket match. Besides, I'm a professional first. Not a cricket fan. Matches just come and go for me, but work counts.

    What about all of you here? Would you stay up late for a match? Or rise at an odd hour? Would you just do it for your team? Or every other? Vote and tell us your story.
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    Norwood's on Fire GIMH's Avatar
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    Through the winter, I would generally rise about 7, and catch our matches in Pakistan/india from Lunch onwards

    I may have to organise a whole lot of late shifts and ProPlus this winter though, when we DEFEND the Ashes.

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    RTDAS pasag's Avatar
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    Unless I had an exam the next day I would never miss a match

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    International Coach howardj's Avatar
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    I'd stay up late for a match - even on a work night.

    Would never, as a rule, get up early to watch a match though.

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    Hall of Fame Member Smudge's Avatar
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    Latest I stayed up was 4am - the final of the Champions Trophy in 2000. It was worth it too...

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    BARNES OUT dontcloseyoureyes's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by howardj
    I'd stay up late for a match - even on a work night.

    Would never, as a rule, get up early to watch a match though.
    Me too.

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    Yep.. i would stay awake at nite, but not wake up early to watch a game..
    Probably would wake up early if i knew my team is kicking some butt..
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    Hall of Fame Member steds's Avatar
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    I've tried, but I just love my sleep.

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    International Regular Beleg's Avatar
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    eh, always. I have risen at 4 in the morning to follow games in NZ and went to sleep at the same time when Pakistan played in WI.

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    Virat Kohli (c) Jono's Avatar
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    Yeah I'm the same as Howard. I'll stay up however late (Thank God I stayed up for the Aus vs. SA 434 chase, I was close to going to sleep but thought that I'd see a nice knock from Gibbs or Smith in the attempt to chase, got a lot more ) for a cricket match but I'll never set an alarm to wake up for a match, simply because I know I won't get up. Alarms are useless for me, because all I do is click 'stop' and go back to bed.

    I kept dozing off during the 3rd test of the Ashes for 10-15 mins on the couch, and generally whenever I'd wake up and look at the TV the very next ball would be a wicket. It happened with Simon Jones' famous ball to bowl Clarke. I didn't fall asleep after that ball for the rest of the night though.
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    International Coach adharcric's Avatar
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    I'll stay up late or get up early to watch any India match. India-Pakistan went from around 9 pm to 4 am, watched all of those. BSNL Eurasia Series went from around 2:30 am to 11 am, watched all of those. India-West Indies goes from 7 am, I've been setting an alarm to watch these. In rare cases, I'll miss a dead rubber match (missed the 5th odi as I was out with relatives). Before exams, I'll usually multitask or finish the studying early so I can watch the match. I don't usually watch non-India matches because my parents will just think I'm wasting money. Considering watching this year's Ashes though, let's see.

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    Eyes not spreadsheets marc71178's Avatar
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    If I had Sky I probably would.

    Got up at 4am when away with work in a hotel during England's tour of Pakistan.
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    International Coach Barney Rubble's Avatar
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    Will be regularly doing 3-hour sleep shifts either side of play during the Ashes this winter, once I get Sky. Would gladly get up at 4am to watch if I had had it during the India or Pakistan series.

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    The Wheel is Forever silentstriker's Avatar
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