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Thread: Best ever medium pacer?

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    I think that it is near impossible to judge the pace of a late swing bowler (without a speed gun) to a range of anything under 10kph.
    The speed at which a fielding team gets through the innings is overrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migara View Post
    Waqar may ave not been as quick as Thommo, but calling Thommo the quickest that international cricket have produced is a big deal. Roy Gilchrist was teribly quick. Mohammed Akram and Mohammed Zahid were also much quicket than Shoaib. My gut feeling says that Zahid may have been the quickest ever, because he was beating Lara with pace. naver mind his team mates. Very diifucult to find Thompson beating Richards with pace (Richards probably better against quicks than Lara).
    If you get a chance to see some of the footage from 75-76, I think you'll find that Thommo in particular, and also to some extent Lillee, kept the lid on Viv pretty well. Not that thee's an abundance of footage around mind.
    I think most of the Windies batsmen in that series said he was frighteningly quick that series.
    FTR, I think Tony Cozier also said the fastest spell of bowling he ever saw was one which Thommo bowled in the Windies, iirc during the Packer years. At the time, I think WI had their WSC players, Australia did not (stand to be corrected on that).

    Edit: I think it was this match:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manee View Post
    I think that it is near impossible to judge the pace of a late swing bowler (without a speed gun) to a range of anything under 10kph.
    Late swing may exaggerate it, but that's broadly true of any bowler really. The eye does not have the power to make judgements of speed to a lower resolution than that.
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