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Thread: Caption this: Darren Gough

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    Super Happy Fun Sugar Lollipop Land!

    Caption this: Darren Gough

    Beware the lollipop of mediocrity. Lick once and you suck forever...

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi, a true legend of CW

    Quote Originally Posted by Boobidy View Post
    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    Goughy really felt it when Symonds suggested he lacked a members end.
    C'mon COLTS

    Southern Dynamo Midfielder

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    Symonds "I'll let you into a secret, this aint actually a cricket bat mate, if ya get me drift "

    Gough "Aye, well that bouncer i just bowled at yer wernt no cricket ball, look at the size of it if yer dont believe us"
    "All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher." - Ambrose Bierce
    Langeveldt: I of course blame their parents.. and unchecked immigration!
    GingerFurball: He's Austrian, they tend to produce the odd ****ed up individual
    Burgey: Be careful dealing with neighbours whose cars don't have wheels but whose houses do.
    Uppercut: Maybe I just need better strippers

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    After laughing off Roy's innuendo all day, it was a shock to Goughy when he actually made his move.
    "The Australian cricket captain is the Prime Minister Australia wishes it had. Steve Waugh is that man, Michael Clarke is not." - Jarrod Kimber

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi and Craig Walsh - true icons of CricketWeb.

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    Darren Gough is unsure how to react after a ball he bowls doesn't get hit for 6 for a change.

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    Gough: "How dare you upstage MY stupid hair!!!!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Irfan
    We may not like you, your filthy rich coffers or your ratbag scum of supporters but by god do we respect you as a football team

    Is Cam White, Is Good.

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    What do you mean theyve run out of pies?
    This Weeks Samit Patel Fact - Has been mentioned in 32 of my posts

    The Rifles - Whats your verdict?

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    RIP Mr Woolmer, We are all poorer for your loss.

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    Genuinely a lol.

    ...I`d be a really crap mod.
    Jesus brings life eternal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig
    Thomas the Tank Engine was furious when Arry the "Devious diesel" engine pulled into the station.
    Last edited by Son Of Coco; 17-11-2006 at 06:41 AM.
    R.I.P Craigos, you were a champion bloke. One of the best

    R.I.P Fardin 'Bob' Qayyumi

    Member of the Church of the Holy Glenn McGrath

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    "**** you're such a **** poster." - Furball

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