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Thread: The other Fred's biggest battle

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    The other Fred's biggest battle

    Frederick Sewards Trueman is the man to whom I refer, of course. Whilst reading Mike Selvey's column in today's Guardian I was saddened to learn the great man is suffering from lung cancer. Full article here:,00.html

    Just to wish him & his loved ones all the best on the long, hard road ahead. Hopefully he'll get the same result as his rival for Greatest Living Yorkshireman, Sir Geoffrey Boycott, did in his battle with the big C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    rival for Greatest Living Yorkshireman
    It's hardly a quality field.

    And that honour actually goes to Roger Millward, btw.

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    Heard about this a few days ago. Very sad news. All the best to him and the family - if anyone's made of strong enough stuff to come through this, it's Fred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steds
    It's hardly a quality field.

    And that honour actually goes to Roger Millward, btw.
    If it pains you that Fiery is a Yorkie, just think of him as an ex-Derbyshire player and then you can think kindly of him.

    Incidentally, Eddie Barlow's ashes were scattered on the outfield yesterday.
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    I was never his biggest fan despite him coming from and working in the pit at the small village my mum comes from, Maltby.

    However, its always sad to hear such things and I wish him all the best.
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    Knowing Trueman he'll probably berate it, insult it and threaten it with an afternoon with Boycott talking about all the ducks in his career and how they where wrong or biased.

    Good luck Fred.

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    CW posted an article about Fred on the front page earlier in the week.

    Sad news, one of my favourite stories is the one where he beats and bowls a young batsman with a great delivery, on leaving the crease the defeated batsman said to Fred' great ball that'. Fred replied 'Aye, but wasted on thee'

    Hope he makes a full recovery
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    My favourite Fred-ism came via Mike Smedley many years ago....

    Fred bowled a bouncer, nearly took Smedley's head off.

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    <Fiery> Fook off

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    Best of luck to Freddy.
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