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Thread: Delhi Ranji selections

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    Delhi Ranji selections

    Hopefully fans in and around Delhi can provide a few inputs. It seems the Delhi Ranji selections are often done more on heritage than merit. A journalist even mentioned on television that sons of former Delhi Ranji players often get a place ahead of more consistent, better performers. One example is Madan Lal junior. If these comments are true, it's not too difficult to guess why Delhi hasn't won a major tournament in the last few years and have often struggled to even stay in the higher league.
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    Is Amit Suman anywhere the side? He's my club's overseas player this season and cricinfo lists Delhi as one of his teams.

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    He played for Delhi from 1998 to 2005, but he was a fringe player. He's played 16 FC matches as a left-arm seamer, with an average of 33. He only got four OD matches. I'm not sure whom he knows, though.

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    Since we find a few threads related to Australian domestic cricket and fringe players, I thought this should be discussed just as much by India fans. Here's an article that appeared on NDTV as early as February 9, 2006. NDTV has often panned the DDCA for their slip-shod, biased functioning.
    From the NDTV website page
    The Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) has now had to witness unprecedented scenes of goons threatening selectors for refusing to pick certain players.

    The Ranji Trophy one-day tournament begins from Friday and the North Zone hosts Delhi are already feeling the heat.

    Security guards have now been deployed to ensure that the Delhi Ranji team can practice without things turning ugly.

    "It used to happen that people used to ring up. But this is a new trend, the so called goonda-gardi, where 10-20 people come and pressurise the selector and it has to be stopped.

    "The selectors will have to stop listening to them because once they bow to them, others will start coming," said Sunil Dev, Sports Secretary, DDCA.

    Delhi, who narrowly avoided relegation from the Elite Group of the Ranji Trophy to the Plate Group, are now focussing on preparing for the one-day tournament and they've made the right start by picking lots of youngsters.

    Veterans band together

    Meanwhile, the alarming state of affairs in Delhi cricket prompted former players to get together to ensure that some sanity is restored.

    "We as former players were very upset by the present setup and felt that the administration is not reacting to cricket the way it should.

    "So rather than adopting a negative attitude, we thought we will band together and come up with constructive criticism which will help Delhi cricket regain its former glory," said Venkat Sundaram, Former Delhi Ranji Captain.

    For now, it remains to be seen whether the former players can help ease things at DDCA, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

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