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Thread: *** un-Official - New Zealand Black Caps Thread ***

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    very interesting video, henry and duffy have very similar actions, unsustainable for long periods, too much forcing it, a lot like liam plunkett. mark gillespie and andy mckay have the most fluent actions very easy ,like bevan small but the video was very blurry scott kuggelijin looks interesting more slingy, a lot more pace than his dad

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    Some More Bevan Small - YouTube

    Some More Matt Henry - YouTube Why does Brad Cachopa keep popping up every time I make videos of young seamers looking sharp.

    Carl Cachopa, 2011/12 Plunket Dismissals - YouTube

    Carl Cachopa vs. Trent Boult - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kippax View Post
    Great video I want to watch this a couple more times before I give my opinion on his action.

    Talk to y'all tomorrow.

    edit - do peeps think he gets side on enough? He maintains a chest on approach until quite late in his delivery action.

    Seems to get real bounce a couple of times.

    Anyway prefer his action to Henry's.
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    the line
    He's a front on bowler, telling him to get more side on would just result in injury.
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    Drooling over those clips of Small. So irritating that he's been so injury prone, as imo he's definatly the pick of his particular crop, no disrespect to Wheeler.
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    Since the gaming forum doesn't seem to get frequented much, and the NZ supporters seem the most keen on coming up with ATG XIs in our threads, have any of you been playing Cricket Captain 2014 (or 15?)? I've been enjoying the legends feature, playing series against other ATG sides - although you have to pick them yourselves as well, otherwise you end up facing the latest XI from that country.

    So far Chatfield is a super gun in ODIs; often takes more wickets than Paddles as it happens. Turner doesn't always perform as well as expected and Crowe is a bit of a lottery tbh. I'd be interested to know how they set the attributes for each ATG.

    Highlight of playing so far: in a Test series vs Aus, JR Reid bowling 2nd change getting the Don out for 4 and Crowe & Twose putting on 220* for the 4th wicket vs England in a ODI (Flintoff, Botham, Willis, Swann and Gough the bowlers).
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