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Thread: Twenty20 Burnout?

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    Quote Originally Posted by James
    As I suggested in the past, couldn't they look at making it similar to the Rugby Sevens tournament (non-international players)?
    I think people see the problem with that is that they would be getting a lesser quality of cricket from playes they don't know much about and it would go underground just as the rugby 7s did.

    Part of the 2020 charm is seeing the big international stars playing a game that was designed for juniors IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    I think there are far more worrying things that a Twenty20 World Championship would do than contribute to international player burn-out.
    As I've said before, it has nothing - absolutely nothing - to offer international cricket, the gates are huge for ODIs in almost all countries, if you need more revenue (and it ain't like anyone does) just schedule more ODIs.
    In NZ, more people would go to an international 20/20 than ODIs. It's proven.

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    Twenty20 domestics or Twenty20 internationals?
    Has there ever been a period where New Zealand games, either Tests or ODIs, have consistently drawn sell-out or near-sell-out crowds?
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