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Thread: Best ODI and Test matches you've seen

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    Best ODI and Test matches you've seen

    What are the best ODI and Test matches you've seen:

    ODI: Australia vs. South Africa - 1999 World Cup Semi Final @ Edgbaston
    (Hon. mentions come later...)

    Tests: England vs. Australia - 2005 Ashes 2nd Test @ Edgbaston
    -India vs. Australia - 2nd test 2001
    -West Indies vs. Australia - 4th test 1993 @ Adelaide

    It's weird. It's like you need Australia in a match and losing for it to be great. I could have mentioned Botham's match at Headingley from 1981 as well. I'd rather do some study before the ODI list... only one stodd out a lot. However, there's some Tendulkar performances from 1998 tha'd rock. Pakistan vs. India from last year in one match where Afridi made a quick century might be a contender too.


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    NZ vs AUS. December 2005.ODI
    truly awesome Oram's 6 went direcly over my head but like 30 foot up
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    I missed the edgbaston test because i was on holiday
    so i personally think that the utter mess England made in trying to win the Old Trafford test made that exciting...
    England vs West Indies in 2000(i think) bowling WI out for a ridiculous score to turn the match around...
    I think Headingly 1981 deserves to be included purely for the fact two men decided they could actually win the match....Botham's batting and Willis' bowling.
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    1st test, NZ vs Eng, Christchurch 2002. Nathan Astle absolutely Blitzes the Poms.
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    England V Australia, Trent Bridge 2005

    Can't think of a standout ODi just yet. Hmm.

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    ODI - Champions Trophy 2004 final must be close. The NatWest Series tie this summer wasn't bad, either.

    Obviously neither knock off AD's leaden feet, but they're top tens.
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    1st test - NZ v England at Christchurch
    SA v NZ - Port Elizabeth 2005 (just because I was there and Kemp was in mutant form)
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    Top 5 test:

    England vs New Zealand, Christchurch 2002
    India vs Australia, Kolkatta, 2001
    Australia vs West Indies, Barbados, 99
    Australia vs West Indies, Antigua, 2003
    Australia vs England, Edgbaston, 2005

    Top 5ODI'S:

    India vs Pakistan, Karachi, 2004
    Australia vs South Africa, 99 WC
    Australia vs England, Bristol, 2005
    Australia vs Pakistan, Karachi, 98
    Australia vs New Zealand, Melbourne 2002

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie
    Top 5 test:

    Australia vs England, Edgbaston, 2005
    england was playing home
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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    Pakistan vs India 1998/1999 when Afridi hit a blistering 141. India needing 280 to win were 250-5 and somehow managed to lose.
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    My Favourites: (all modern)


    India v Australia 2001 (Kolkata)
    India v Australia 2001 (Chennai)
    England v Australia 2005 (Edgbaston)
    England v Australia 2005 (Trent Bridge)
    West Indies v Pakistan 2000 (Barbados?)


    England v India 2002 (Lord's)
    Australia v South Africa 1999 (WC Semi)
    Bangladesh v Australia 2005

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    The best I've seen in near-entirity was the Edgbaston Ashes one, plenty of other good ones obviously.
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    The rifles....

    Test Match

    Edgbaston 05 England V Australia - Well, what else is there left to say? The game to end all games, Breathtaking, pulsating, heart in mouth cricket not seen for a while.

    West Indies 04 England V Windies - It was THE Test which got me interested in cricket, Harmison was phenomanal, and wickets never stopped falling 7-12, thats nothing short of incredible is it?


    Well maybe not so good for the bangledeshi's, but trent bridge 05 England V Bangledesh. England posted their highest ever ODI Total, it was just relentlessm brutal batting, Struass made 168, Ashraful posted 90 odd for the bengalis, and also collingwood took 6-31 and became the first ever player in One Day international historyto score 100+ and take 6 wickets
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    Aus v England 98/99 MCG. We were still in with a sniff of drawing the ashes and I'll never forget that morning, Ramps catch to dismiss Langer is still one of the greatest I have ever seen. Will never forget Mullally smacking a couple of fours of Mcgrath and Gough yorking Macgill at the end.

    England v Aus 97 the Oval. It was at the Oval, series over and a real turner if I remember but still, it was Tuffers at his occasional inspirational best taking 11 wickets.

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