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Thread: buying tickets for brits in aus for ashes

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    buying tickets for brits in aus for ashes

    well as the topic states. what if i was to purchase tickets for people in the uk(on a trust basis). im a pom whose lives in this wonderful country but....would like to see as many fellow brits as possible. so wanted to float an idea of buying tickets for people who have paid me(small fee included) and will send tickets. as i said its just a suggestion but in the press here there starting to talk about selling to only australian talking people to make sure theres not too many poms(paranoid already). please tell me whether is a complete toss of an idea or if your willing to i said its trust based and all i can say is how can i prove my trust worthyness

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    This will probably be closed..
    Don't go chasing waterfalls

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    This sounds very dodgy and not the sort of thing I think Cricket Web should be promoting in anyway.

    If people want tickets, go through the proper channels to get them.

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