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Thread: SL Vs NZ ODIs 1-4 JAN, ball-by-ball animation

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    SL Vs NZ ODIs 1-4 JAN, ball-by-ball animation

    Hello Guys,

    I came across this cricket live application, thought it would be interesting to share with you all.

    Check out Desktop Cricket IM - unique of its kind (some thing like do not disturb service, but still you can follow the match the way you want) - Customizable events for Desktop Cricket IM, Cool way to see cricket on the will have to watch it appreciate and enjoy it !!!

    ball-by-ball birds-eye-view animation, match stats & graphs, player, team, venue & world records, with no page refresh and light weight small download. all these for Free???? Cooool!!!!

    Also checkout live web version from (which doesn't have IM features though)


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    Ah yeah, that reputable site: *************.

    I've heard a lot.

    Get out
    Or something.

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