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Thread: Who deserves to be the CW Cricketer of the year for 2005?

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    Who deserves to be the CW Cricketer of the year for 2005?

    Lots of gr8 performances in 2005?

    as the year draws to an end, who would u guys pick as the Cricketweb Cricketer of the year 2005?

    and also who should be the newcomer of the year?

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    I wonder how long it will take before someone mentions a certain member...

    As a very biased Australian cricket supporter, I'm gonna say Warne.

    For newcomer of the year, I'm not too sure... Pietersen and Bravo impressed me quite a bit but I'm not all that sure how they've done against other teams. I might just be biased again and say Hussey.
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    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    Voting to confer awards for

    Cricketer of the year
    New comer of the year (with a basis for what entails a new comer)
    Innings of the year
    Bowling performance of the year

    etc etc can be done.

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    Best player: Warne

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    Cricketer of the year: Have to be patriotic & say Freddie Flintoff. If Oz had've retained the urn Warney would've edged it tho. Magnificent all summer.

    Newcomer of the year: Only a newcomer to the international arena, but Mike Hussey. To average over 100 in both forms (even for a brief while) is a superb effort.

    Innings of the year: Has to be Ricky Ponting for his knock at Old Trafford. Dictionary definition of "captain's innings".

    Bowling performance of the year: Not a single bowler, but collectively Pakistan for their efforts in the 2nd innings of the 1st test. Got into us & genuinely turned the match on its head. If I were to nominate a single performance I'll go McGrath in the first dig @ Lord's. As close to being unplayable as you'll see.
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    Cricketer of the year: Fred
    New comer of the year (with a basis for what entails a new comer) KP
    Innings of the year: KP 158 against Australia
    Bowling performance of the year Shane Warne!
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    Cricketer of the year: Flintoff, even if it was for great performances in one series mostly. Inzamam came to mind too. Warne, yeah, but the English arent the best players of spin anyway.
    Innings : Pontings fifth day innings.
    Newcomer: Dhoni ( how many batsmen, let alone keepers, hit 183* in a chase ?)
    Bowling performance: Bond vs India, Kaneria vs England in the final two sessions of the third test.
    Best single days play: Last day of the second Ashes test.
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    Player of the year: Warne. His greatest year ever.

    Newcomer of the year: Hussey for me as well, for sheer weight of performances in both forms of the game. Obviously Dhoni and KP had excellent starts as well, but Hussey hasn't put a foot wrong.

    Batting performance of the year: Probably Ponting's (all Australians, for whatever reason), though a few others rate a mention.

    Bowling performance of the year: McGrath at Lords, without a doubt. The most clear cut of all these for me.

    No idea why they are all Australians, but there you go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FaaipDeOiad
    No idea why they are all Australians, but there you go.
    Deserved repeating....

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    Best of the year is tight between Warne and Ponting, Ponting has made mountains of runs in both forms this year.
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    Cricketer of the year: Flintoff. Like Brumby, if Australia had nicked the Ashes it'd have been Warne.

    Newcomer of the year: Pietersen, mainly on the back of that one innings. Other than that, Hussey.

    Innings of the year: Pietersen's, to win the Ashes. Apparently, in a mid pitch discussion with Collingwood, just after being dropped by Warne, he said something along the lines of "I'm getting bored with this, I'm just gonna whack it." And he did.

    Bowling performance of the year: Collectively, England, all summer. Individually, Warne 2nd dig at Trent Bridge, or McGrath at Lord's, or Freddie at The Oval. Being patriotic, I'm going for Freddie. If I was using my head, it'd be probably McGrath.
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    Cricketer of the year: Warne - broke a record that had stood for 25 years.
    Innings of the year: KP although Inzy and Younis vs India probably have claims as well
    Newcomer: Hussey who edges Dhoni based on test performances. People seem to be forgetting that KP was ordinary in Pakistan
    Bowling performance: McGrath

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    Cricketer of the Year
    A combined average of 67, he led Pakistan to victory over England and what now seems to be a complete revival, with the return of Akhtar and the emergence of Kaneria.

    **Ricky Ponting**: combined average 55, leading run-scorer in both forms of the game, played several exemplary innings as the Aussie captain
    **Graeme Smith**: combined average 52, emerging as yet another in the new breed of "lead by example" captains (ponting, inzy, dravid?)
    **Andrew Flintoff**: played an integral role in England's Ashes victory, only Warne had more wickets in 2005
    **Shane Warne**: has taken 90 wickets thus far @ 22, one of the few Aussie standouts during the Ashes debacle
    **Glenn McGrath**: combined average below 20, dominating as usual, enough said

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    Shane Warne...
    WCC - Manager of Warwickshire

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    Cricketer of the year: Warne, but ONLY because he has performed in all the series he has played this year whereas Flintoff, even though he practically won England the Ashes, only performed brilliantly in the one. [Even if it IS the most important series in existence.]
    New comer of the year: Tie between Hussey and Pieterson. Pieterson may have been average in Pakistan, but he still scored a century and the sub-continent isn't really the best place for his style of batting. Hussey has dominated, can't go past him.
    Innings of the year: Ponting's knock in the Ashes, brilliant captains knock. Lara's 226 and McCullum's 50*[25] deserve mentions.
    Bowling performance of the year: McGrath at Lords, and Warne's collective Ashes performance.

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