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Thread: Watch Lance for 2007 World Cup

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    Watch Lance for 2007 World Cup

    Wow... Lance Klusner still has it.

    Man of the series 1999, blasted 39 off 17 balls in a SA provincial match between the Dolphins and Worriers. The Dolphins required 48 off 31 balls with three wickets remaining... Lance came in and hit 5 massive sixes.

    He still has it and the great Allan Donald has called for his inclusion in the National Squad. Imagine Kemp and Klusner batting together- they would make New Zealand's win over Australia look like school boy cricket.

    The UCB needs to get over its ego and put South African Cricket first.

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    He actually earned a recall recently, and he played decently as well, before being cast aside again. I dont think there is room for both him and Kemp in the same lineup, however. They are too similar and could cause a collapse if they didnt come off. Klusener wouldnt be a bad supersub though, I guess.
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    I doubt it, but I would love to see it.

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    If he could get into a bit of form bowling-wise he would be perfect.

    At the moment though the younger Kemp has the edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS
    ...Klusener wouldnt be a bad supersub though, I guess.
    Oh hell no. I say put him as the 'sub!
    Tbh, the SuperSub is really growing on me...
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    How old is he right now?

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