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Thread: Poll on the Concept of Super Sub

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    Cricketer Of The Year JASON's Avatar
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    Poll on the Concept of Super Sub

    Well it was introduced by the so called pundits at the ICC about 6-8 months ago, IIRC.

    In my personal opinion it has made very little impact on the game and apart from having the potential to give an unfair advantage to one Team over the other, it has done very little to make the game any more exciting than it was.

    And personally I don't like the concept . But here's a poll to see what every one thinks of it .

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    U19 12th Man
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    Your right, hows has it improved International cricket?

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    U19 Vice-Captain ClownSymonds's Avatar
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    It's a ridiculous corruption of the game. There wasn't really a problem in the first place, so it fixes nothing. Another example of the bloody useless ICC trying to find something to do and just messing things up.
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    i like the concept, i think they should be named after the toss.
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    U19 12th Man Lyell_Chris's Avatar
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    takes tactical decisions like whether 2 play a 2nd spinner out of the game
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    I reckon it's simply a ploy to get sides to bat second. It's pretty much a given that on most ODI pitches (barring English) that if you bat first you will most likely win. You get the advantage of batting in natural light and a more consistent pitch if you bat first; now there's usually a moment of hesitation after the toss.

    I still think there a subtler ways of squaring the ledger, though.
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    International Coach archie mac's Avatar
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    It's crap, I would rather they had 12 players but only 11 bat.
    You know it makes sense.

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    Cricketer Of The Year James90's Avatar
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    Pretty comprehensive results. It's not too bad, does add a little bit to the same and has a small amount of interest. I can't see anything really beneficial about having it however. If it's not broke don't fix it.
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    Request Your Custom Title Now! Simon's Avatar
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    its a waste of time imo, it hasnt added anything at all

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    Cricket Web Moderator Neil Pickup's Avatar
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    Who's going to own up to voting "yes"?
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    International Regular Josh's Avatar
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    Bugger it off. Bugger it all off. The Power Plays are just as bad everyone just takes them straight away. You'd be better off making it 20 overs of restrictions.

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    Eyes not spreadsheets marc71178's Avatar
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    Pity it's not a public poll - would love to see who voted yes!
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    Hall of Fame Member Sanz's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    Pity it's not a public poll - would love to see who voted yes!
    Guilty as charged Let the captain declare the 12 before the toss but allow him to declare the supersub after the TOSS.

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    International Vice-Captain open365's Avatar
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    so far,it hasn't made a difference.

    The main problem is that the super sub is normally a player who isn't good enough to get into the 11 in the first place so he's not likely to make a significant contribution anyway.

    lets take 2 scenarios;batting first and second.

    scenario 1-batting first
    England play Solanki as super-sub,they're in a bad position so they sacrifice a bowler in the hope of getting extra runs,Solanki makes 60* to get England up to 200. Problem is,200 still isn't a very good score especialy when they've sacrificed a bowler to get it.Australia end up winning comfortably,to make any difference on the match,Solanki would have needed to make a very very quick 100,which is very unlikely.

    scenario 2-batting 2nd
    Australia make a good score,around 270ish,England sub Harmison for Solanki to bat 6/7.Now 2 things could happen here,England get stuck in a rut and Solanki needs to make a quick 70 odd or England cruise to victory.Either way,the super sub is questionable.If England cruise to victory then he wasn't needed,if he plays a significant part in winning,its unfair on Australia because England had
    effectively played with 12 men.

    TBH i'm not sure what the ICC were thinking when they made it up,batting 2nd you get an un-fair advantage,batting first if you sub a bowler your usualy going to end up with a below par scorw anyway,and without a 4th/5th bowler tod efedn it its even harder.

    The power plays are an idea from 1996,not 2005.If every team opened with Afridi and Jayasuria,them maybe,but the fact is that no one does anymore.In every game i've seen,the captain has nealy allways played the powerplays in the first 20,even if the opposition has got a good start.

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    Cricket Spectator - 1st Warning Maison's Avatar
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    i voted "I HATE IT!"

    i dont hate it THAT much, but the old system was better, i also dont like the super sub. rubbish.

    there was nothing wrong with the old-school rules, why change them ? :/
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