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Thread: India moves up in ICC oneday rankings.,

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    Icon14 India moves up in ICC oneday rankings.,

    With solid performances in the home series against srilanka and south africa, india has moved up the ICC one-day rankings to the 4th position. Though the positions 4-7 are crowded and can be changed easily, a win against england and pakistan will help india to maintain their position or move is the link for latest rankings

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    Considering how often team rankings change, I don't think we need a thread to discuss each time a team makes a move.
    Sreesanth said, "Next ball he was beaten and I said, 'is this the King Charles Lara? Who is this impostor, moving around nervously? I should have kept my mouth shut for the next ball - mind you, it was a length ball - Lara just pulled it over the church beyond the boundary! He is a true legend."

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