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Thread: Rules on mancatting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by honestbharani
    And it was my own cousin who did it to me.

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    Watch your language please people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    3. Peter Kirsten by Kapil Dev, South Africa v India, Port Elizabeth, 1992-93
    I saw that one. Kapil warned Kirsten first when he strode out of the crease. Then he again strode out in another delivery stide and Kapil removed the bails. It was hilarious.

    This lead to a fast bowler doing the same on a batsman in a match we were playing among classmates. It was not given out as the bowler had not warned earlier.

    When was the 'no prior warning required' put into place?
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    Being Mankadded is like running out of petrol in your car; once it happens to you, you make damn sure it never happens again.

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