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Thread: **Official Bangladesh Domestic Cricket**

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Dpl R7

    DPL Round 7

    DOHS beat Mohammedans by 3 runs
    DOHS 247 for 9 (50) Nazimuddin 43, STEVE TIKOLO 71, Khaled Mahmud 34
    Mohammedans 244 all out (50) SANDEEP SHARMA 72, Hannan Sarkar 47, Shamsur Rahman 68; Abdur Razzak 3 for 55

    More runs for Tikolo, more wickets for Razzak. Good to see talented youngster Shamsur in the runs.

    Victoria beat Brothers by 54 runs
    Victoria 200 for 9 (50) Golam Mabud 40, Saghir Hossain 60, JAFFAR KURESHI 36; Sohrawardi Shuvro 3 for 30, Yasin Arafat 3 for 58
    Brothers 166 all out (47.4) RASHED HANIF 71, Arafat Salahuddin 32; Wascoroni Ahmed 4 for 34

    Victoria now longing like the main contenders for the title along with DOHS. Saqibul Hasan took 2 for 21 for Victoria.

    Agrani Bank beat Abahani by 30 runs
    Agrani Bank 200 for 9 (50) Towhid Hossain 53, Mohammad Kalim 51
    Abahani 170 all out (45.2) Dipozzal Dey 3 for 44, REZWAN QURESHI 3 for 16

    Shock loss for Abahani, one of the pre-tournament favourites. Agrani move further away from the bottom.

    Kalabagan beat Sonorgaon by 5 wickets
    Sonorgaon 124 all out (45) Shakil Ahmed 3 for 23
    Kalabagan 126 for 5 (36.3) Arman Hossain 56

    *Sonorgaon have fined 6 leading players, including Rafique and Ashraful, and stripped Al Sahariar of the captaincy following the loss to Kalabagan*

    Biman beat Indira by 13 runs
    Biman 187 all out (49.5) ASHRAF ALI 57, Jamaluddin Ahmed 40; Rezaul Haque 3 for 31, Jakir 5 for 39
    Indira 174 for 8 (50) Jahid 30

    ... sounds really exciting

    City Club beat Orient by 81 runs
    City Club 305 for 4 (50) Shahriar Nafees 158 (155 balls, 17x4, 4x6), TATENDA TAIBU 58, Rajin Saleh 51
    Orient 224 for 8 (50) Tamim Iqbal 86, Abdul Hanif 40; Mehrab Hossain jnr 3 for 31

    The City Club batting comes to life. Taibu makes first DPL fifty.

    Table (after round 7)

    1 DOHS 14 pts
    2 Victoria 12 pts
    3 Mohammedans 10 pts
    = City Club
    = Biman

    Does anyone know anything about these overseas players?

    Jaffar Kureshi
    Rizwan Qureshi
    Rashid Hanif (all Pakistan)

    Sandeep Sharma (India)

    Are these players not good enough to play in their own domestic cricket? (Quaid-e-Azam/Ranji)

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend honestbharani's Avatar
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    Sandeep Sharma has been playing for donkey's years really. I think he would find it difficult to make an Indian FC side.

    BTW, how is Ashraful going in the domestic league?
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
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    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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    Ashraful's been woeful. He was fined by Sonargaon for poor performance and hit 26 yesterday against Kalebagan.

    "The answers obvious, Shahriah Nafees will be the next captain of Bangladesh" Richard McInnes

    The Daily Star
    Stedders' Supported XI
    Tamim Iqbal, DA Warner, UT Khawaja, CA Lynn, Shakib Al Hasan, SE Marsh, +LD Chandimal, AC Agar, PJ Cummins, Mustafizur Rahman, JP Behrendorff.

    RIP Fardin. RIP Craigos. RIP Prince.

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by James90
    Ashraful's been woeful. He was fined by Sonargaon for poor performance and hit 26 yesterday against Kalebagan.

    "The answers obvious, Shahriah Nafees will be the next captain of Bangladesh" Richard McInnes

    The Daily Star

    Todays DPL Scores

    DPL R8

    DOHS beat Abahani by 9 runs
    DOHS 248 for 7 (50) Nazimuddin 79, Manjural Islam Rana 23, STEVE TIKOLO 46; Ahsanullah Hasan 3 for 37
    Abahani 239 all out (48.3) Jahirul Islam 54, Imran Ahmed 65, Faisal Hossain 27, SHADAB KABIR 25; Khaled Mahmud 3 for 37

    Abahani lose again, DOHS cement position at the top. More runs for Tikolo, and for in-form Nazimuddin.

    Biman beat Mohammedans by 8 wickets
    Mohammedans 128 all out (46.3) Khaled Mashud 30; Mushfiqur Rahman 4 for 17
    Biman 131 for 2 (34.5) Javed Omar 62*, Shahriar Hossain 36

    Mohammedans, perhaps disillusioned by a hefty fine following poor behaviour against DOHS, crumble to Javed Omar. Habibul in poor form for MSC.

    City Club beat Indira by 38 runs
    City Club 283 all out (49.4) Rajin Saleh 90, Shahriar Nafees 25, TATENDA TAIBU 57, Tushar Imran 35
    Indira 245 all out (49.4) Junnaid Siddique 37, Golam Mawla 25, Rezaul Haque 95*; Alok Kapali 3 for 47

    City Club batting on song once more, good to see Rajin in the runs. But bowling remains weakness, as Rezaul's late charge proved.

    Sonorgaon beat Brothers by 9 wickets
    Brothers 160 all out (47.3) RASHID HANIF 48; Mahbubul Alam 3 for 25
    Sonorgaon 161 for 1 (29) Al Sahariar 84, Ejaj Ahmed 69

    Interesting result, as Sonorgaon revival stunts Brothers tital aspirations.

    Victoria beat Agrani Bank by 85 runs
    Victoria 297 all out (50) Nasiruddin 75, Saqibul Hasan 83, Saghir Hossain 40, Mushfiqur Rahim 41; Imtiaz Hossain 4 for 30
    Agrani Bank 212 all out (46.4) Imtiaz Hossain 43, ****al Chandra 45, Kalim 32; Kamrul Hasan 3 for 21

    Great to see Saqibul and Mushfiqur make runs - the two Bangladeshis who will dominate the next decade (2010 ono)

    Kalabagan beat Orient by 44 runs
    Kalabagan 219 for 8 (50) Uttam Sarkar 36, Nahidul Haque 42, Mehrab Hossain snr 43, Monirul Islam 31; Nazmul Hossain 3 for 45
    Orient 175 for 9 (50) Masumud Dowla 69; Zaid 4 for 31

    Can't say too much extra about this game.

    Table (as I make it)

    1 DOHS 16 pts
    2 Victoria 14 pts
    3 City Club 12 pts
    = Biman 12 pts

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Tomorrows DPL

    Round 9
    DOHS v Biman (BKSP-2)
    Victoria v Abahani (Fatullah)
    City Club v MSC (Bogra)
    Agrani v Sonargaon (BKSP-1)
    Indira v Kalabagan (Comilla)
    Brothers v Indira (Dhanmondi)

    Thanks to

    One thing I've learnt: theres a super-six stage that follows the group games. So after round 11 (3 more rounds to play)

    Super Six looks like being...
    City Club
    +2 of: Mohammadans/Sonorgaon/Abahani

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    International Vice-Captain Jungle Jumbo's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    DPL R9

    Mohammedan beat City Club by 9 wickets
    City Club 187 for 9 (50) Shahriar Nafees 69, Sirajullah Khadeem 32; Shabbir Khan 4 for 20
    Mohammedan 188 for 1 (37.5) Hannan Sarkar 99*, Sandeep Sharma 48

    Hannan may feel a little unfortunate. Shahriar Nafees in good form for City Club.

    Abahani beat Victoria by 1 run
    Abahani 203 all out (49.3) Imran Ahmed 63, Jahurul Islam 48, Faisal Hossain 37; Saqibul Hasan 5 for 31
    Victoria 202 all out (49.5) Saghir Hossain 56, Rizwan Qureshi 47, Saqibul Hasan 28, Kumara Dharmasena 3 for 41

    Interesting to see Dharmasena playing for Abahani - he could turn around their season. Five wickets for Saqibul!

    DOHS beat Biman by 41 runs
    DOHS 264 for 6 (50) Manjural Islam Rana 40, Shahin Hossain 44, Steve Tikolo 87, Akram Khan 42, Khaled Mahmud 25; Mosharraf Hossain 3 for 56
    Biman 223 all out (46.4) Humayun Kabir 53, Mushfiqur Rahman 70, Sajjad Kadir 59

    Tikolo in the runs yet again - he also took 2 for 21. DOHS looking very strong.

    Brothers beat Orient by 6 wickets
    Orient 186 for 9 (50) Azharul 64*, Tamim Iqbal 38; Arafat Sunny 3 for 15
    Brothers 190 for 4 (41.1) Nafees Iqbal 56, Rashid Hanif 60*

    Predictable win for Brothers.

    Sonorgaon beat Agrani by 8 wickets
    Agrani 133 all out (42) Mohammad Rafique 2 for 19
    Sonorgaon 136 for 2 (31) Al Sahariar 45, Mohammad Ashraful 55*

    Ashraful finally makes over-due runs.

    Kalabagan beat Indira by 49 runs
    Kalabagan 285 for 6 (50) Nahidul Haque 55*, Mithu 53, Uttam Sarkar 43
    Indira 236 all out (46.5) Tushar 53, Raja 42, Zahid 35, Nahidul Haque 3 for 26

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    Mohammad Ashraful* (Captain, 21, Bangladesh batsman, occasional leg spin bowler)
    Now this is what impressess me about this young lad. 21, Already an established Bangladeshi international, but a county/state casptain and a bit of an all rounder. Yes Ashraful has had his fair few problems, but trawling through this thread I've seen a few good performances mfrom him. What you have to remember is his age. The weight of expectation can sometimes get to you in your early 20's (Like a Bangledeshi Wayne Rooney lol ) But gioven time, Mo can go on in his career, banish all of the problemns, and become a great

    Keep it up Jungle Jumbo, tis good reading
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    All getting exciting in the race for the Super Six, with two games left to go.

    1 DOHS 18pts (q)
    2 Victoria 14pts (q)
    3 Biman 12pts
    = Mohammedan 12pts
    5 City Club 10pts
    = Brothers 10pts
    = Sonargaon 10pts
    8 Abahani 8pts
    = Kalabagan 8pts

    Tomorrows games...
    DOHS v Victoria (Dhanmondi)
    City Club v Biman (Fatullah)
    Abahani v Sonargaon (Bogra)
    Mohammedan v Kalabagan (BKSP-2)
    Brothers v Indira (BKSP-1)
    Agrani v Orient (Comilla)

    All thanks to the wonders of cricBD

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    Getting Exciting Now...

    DPL Round 10

    ***Matches affected by rain***

    Victoria beat DOHS by 19 runs
    Victoria 250-9 (45) Golam Mabud 50, Faruque 34, Jafar Kuraishi 61; Abdur Razzak 5-53
    DOHS 231 all out (43.2) Nazimuddin 28, Shahin Hossain 59, Akram Khan 34, Manjural Islam Rana 61; Sahenewaz Kabir 6-47

    Tikolo made just seven, but Razzak impresses again in a dead match.

    Sonorgaon beat Abahani by 5 runs
    Sonorgaon 117-7 (25) Mohammad Salim 30
    Abahani 112-8 (25) Jahirul Islam 39

    Abahani out of super six stage, Sonorgaon look like contenders for the final places

    City Club beat Biman by 6 wickets
    Biman 128 all out (42) Rabiul Islam 4-21, Al Amin 3-20
    City Club 132-4 (32.5) Mehrab Hossain 45

    Interesting result, race for final SS slots still open

    Mohammedan beat Kalabagan by 12 runs
    Mohammedan 179-4 (26) Sandeep Sharma 98, Habibul Bashar 44*; Imtiaz Hossain 3-38
    Kalabagan 167 all out (24.4) Uttam Sarkar 60, Tariq Mahmood 53; Sandeep Sharma 4-40

    Sandeep leads the Mohammedan charge

    Indira beat Brothers by 5 wickets
    Brothers 191-5 (26) Nafees Iqbal 26, Ehsanul Haque 67, Rashid Hanif 73
    Indira 195-5 (25.1) Imroz Siddique 73, Arif Ahmed 25, Golam Mawla 47*

    Shock result as Indira throw a spanner into the Brothers' challenge

    Agrani beat Orient by 7 wickets
    Orient 104 all out (25)
    Agrani 103-3 (22) Imtiaz Hossain 37, Jamal 44*

    Agrani triumph in battle of the minnows

    The table with one game to play (so each side can improve by 2pts maximum)

    1 DOHS 18pts (q)
    2 Victoria 16pts (q)
    3 Mohammedan 14pts (q)
    4 Biman 12pts
    = City Club 12pts
    = Sonorgaon 12pts
    7 Brothers 10pts

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    Cricket Web Staff Member / Global Moderator Neil Pickup's Avatar
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    Oxford, England
    What's going on with Razzak's action of late?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    What's going on with Razzak's action of late?
    It was originally measured at 21 but he played in the ODI's against Zimbabwe at the start of last year so I presume he's been cleared.

    Hannan's 99 is pretty well his only decent innings for about 2 years. He's an incredibly talented technically-correct cricketer much in the same mould as Alok Kapali. The only difference is that there's a fair chance that Alok could get back into the test side. Hannan still has quite a bit to do to be considered in the same league as Shahriah Nafees, Nafis Iqbal and Javed Omar.

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    Interesting article from the Daily Star (The BD version, probably contains better English than the English version though!)

    Where are the Tigers?
    Sports Reporter

    After a lacklustre start, the ongoing Aktel Premier Division Cricket League came alive with one more round to go in the first phase but still, there was hardly any encouraging show from the national players to comfort the selectors ahead of the coming home series against Sri Lanka.
    Defending champions Old DOHS's narrow escapes during the last few matches produced real one-day excitement in the country's most coveted competition but unfortunately, like the recent past, the foreign players have dictated the terms.

    Among them, Kenyan Steve Tikolo is the star performer for table-toppers DOHS after an ordinary last season with Mohamme-dan. The dashing right-hander has so far 556 runs including six half-centuries apart from bagging 16 wickets.

    Mohammedan's Indian recruit Sandeep Sharma followed him with 444 runs while left-handed national opener Shahriar Nafees showed some mettle securing the third spot with 421 runs including a hundred (158).

    The most disappointing fact is that Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar and his deputy Khaled Mashud, both playing for title contenders Mohammedan, have failed to set examples for youngsters. Bashar has only one half century in his tally of 170 in ten innings while Mashud (153 runs) has yet to reach the fifty-mark.

    And the outcome has expectedly frustrated chief selector Faruque Ahmed. He thinks that it is not a good sign ahead of a very crucial home series against Sri Lanka in February-March.

    "After a long break the national players got enough time to prove their worth in domestic competitions but it is very much frustrating that they have yet to play up to our expectation," said Faruque yesterday.

    "I told the players after a poor series against Sri Lanka that they should take the opportunity to play domestic cricket and regain confidence. But I think they have hardly realised our demands. I'm not happy with their performance," said the former national skipper, who is also worried with injury problems.

    The selectors had earlier told that domestic performance will be the key to get national calls but Faruque gave a diplomatic explanation about the issue.

    "Yes, we have stuck to the idea but you should consider one thing that domestic cricket and international cricket are not same. We are very much conscious about some new performers but only one season's performance is not good enough to get the nod," he explained.

    Faruque however was delighted with some under-19 boys' performance in the league after a successful tri-nation triumph at home.

    "It is really encouraging. The way the boys played in the last few months is not so common in our cricket. They not only proved themselves at age-group levels but also carried it to the domestic scene," said a delighted Faruque mentioning names of Sakib Al Hasan, U-19 captain Mushfiqur Rahim and Shamsur Rahman Shuvo.

    Sakib has already scored two half-centuries for Victoria in five matches and has taken eight wickets while Shamsur hogged the spotlight playing a superb 68-run innings for Mohammedan in their three-run defeat to DOHS.

    The young players, however, will not be available for their clubs in the eleventh and the last round and the Super-Six as the Under-19 camp is expected to start on January 16 for the next Youth World Cup in Sri Lanka in February.

    Anyone else (James90, Neil) got opinions on what the Test side will be for the Sri Lanka series.
    My wild stab..

    1 Javed Omar
    2 Shahriar Nafees
    3 Habibul Bashar (c)
    4 Mohammad Ashraful
    5/6 two of Alok Kapali OR Rajin Saleh OR Aftab Ahmed (currently injured) OR Ehsanul Haque
    7 Khaled Mashud (w)
    8 Mohammad Rafique
    9 Mashrafe Mortaza
    10/11 two of Shahadat, Tapash (if he is full recovered) Syed Rasel or Enamul Haque jnr

    I'd go for Shahadat, Enamul, Alok and Ehsanul if I was selecting, but there aren't many batsmen if Aftab's out.

    Would like to see some more of Mushfiqur or even Saqibul

    ... no, really they must look after the youngsters, too much early exposure could ruin them
    AFAIK they've got the U19 WC in February
    Last edited by Jungle Jumbo; 09-01-2006 at 02:30 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jungle Jumbo
    7 Khaled Mahmud (w)
    Makes sense. Awful batsman, awful bowler - stick him behind the stumps
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    Cricketer Of The Year James90's Avatar
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    Aftab Ahmed currently has Hepatitus B but I hope he'll return in time for the series. If he does then he'd be the obvious selection. Other than Aftab I hope they'd choose between Alok and Rajin. I think Rajin Saleh would be the other choice but if Aftab can't make it then I'd pick Alok. Having said that I wouldn't mind if Ehsanul got a recall.

    Of the bowlers, on turning tracks I think you have to pick Enamul Haque Jnr. He's a match-winner and works very well alongside Mohammad Rafique. Despite recent poor performances from Tapash I think I'd still choose him ahead of Rasel or Shahadat. Tapash has generally done a good job and his experience is important. Shahadat I think is a very hot or cold player. He can be good but he can also be very very ordinary. For that reason I think I'd pick Rasel who is more of a consistent performer.

    Fully fit XI
    1. Javed Omar
    2. Shahriah Nafees
    3. Habibul Bashar
    4. Aftab Ahmed
    5. Mohammad Ashraful
    6. Rajin Saleh
    7. Khaled Mashud
    8. Mohammad Rafique
    9. Mashrafe Mortaza
    10. Tapash Baisya
    11. Enamul Haque Jnr
    12. Syed Rasel
    13. Alok Kapali
    14. Ehsanul Haque
    15. Shahadat Hossain

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    Fully fit XI
    1. Javed Omar
    2. Shahriah Nafees
    3. Habibul Bashar
    4. Aftab Ahmed
    5. Mohammad Ashraful
    6. Rajin Saleh

    7. Khaled Mashud
    8. Mohammad Rafique
    9. Mashrafe Mortaza
    10. Tapash Baisya
    11. Enamul Haque Jnr
    Those three are in the reverse order to what they should be, IMO.
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