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Thread: Planet Cricket - New Internet Radio Station

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    Icon1 Planet Cricket - New Internet Radio Station

    Hello everyone,

    I have created a new radio station for everyone interested in the greatest thing God ever created on Earth, the wonderful sport of cricket. Right now I am just cycling through cricket-related music, but starting tomorrow, I will have a live cricket show with talk about what's going in the world of cricket. Though I don't have the ability to accept callers, I will be taking input and audience participation through AOL Instant Messenger. If you would like to listen, make sure you have WinAmp downloaded, and then go here:

    If that link doesn't work, just search for "Planet Cricket" at:

    Please note that I won't be broadcasting all the time, so it might not appear. I do intend to broadcast a lot, however, so chances are good that it will be there.

    Please let me know what you think of the idea and whether or not you plan on listening. I would like to know that there is a decent amount of support for this before I really get it started.

    Broadcast Times: Daily Update at 6 PM Central US Time, Live Shows half an hour prior to major matches and during match intervals.

    First Scheduled Broadcast: Live Show 10 PM Central Time on Friday (30 minutes before the start of the 1st test between Pakistan and England)
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    The rules state no gratuitous and blatant advertising for your website, but I'm not sure if James will let this slide. I recall Neil advertising (sort of) for his brief radio stint in the past. Meh. It's 1:16am and I'm not the sharpest atm.

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    C'mon, mate - I'm just trying to get the word out so that my efforts don't go to waste. This isn't a website or anything that would compete with Cricket Web, so there shouldn't be any problem.
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    You need to employ someone to do commentry!! lol

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    I see your point... but then couldn`t anyone advertise anything?
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    I'd do commentary if I was any good at it.

    No, allowing me to "advertise" doesn't mean just anyone can. Websites are in direct competition with this site, so they are disqualified. Internet TV broadcasts are illegal, so so are they. Companies and salesmen are out for profit, so they are as well.

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    I'll allow this, but reserve the right to obviously make a call on others on a case by case basis.

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