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Thread: World Cricketers who would make the current Australia Test side

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    U19 Debutant magsi23's Avatar
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    so no Shoaib Akhtar then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magsi23
    so no Shoaib Akhtar then?

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    Shoaib, like Pollock, is in decline in my opinion.

    Shoaib has a bit more time to prove me wrong on that one though. I'd probably be inclined to pick Ntini in that seamers spot right now to be honest, based on form. It's he, Jones or Bond.
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    Actually, the pace bowling cupboard around the world looks pretty bare. I honestly think Collymore would not be a bad option in any world side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magsi23
    so no Shoaib Akhtar then?
    Way too wild

    My XI

    1. Strauss
    2. Smith
    3. Ponting *
    4. Tendaulkar
    5. Lara
    6. Flintoff
    7. Gilchrist +
    8. Warne
    9. Harmison
    10. Muralitharan
    11. McGrath

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