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Thread: The AAA Day - Nov 3rd

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    The AAA Day - Nov 3rd

    Pratyush,you beat me to the other thread...I was going to start one on similar lines too...but what the heck this guy deserves another special thread.

    Anyway as one of my duties as a member of AAAS I started a SMS forward(whatever u call it) that was probably going places atleast in some people's mobiles...The msg was that yesterday,Nov 3rd will be known as AAA(Amazing Ajit Agarkar) Day as in many ways it was the most special achievement from our own Bombay Dude(not Duck )...

    ...Plus I consider myself to be the most happiest of the AA suppoters lot because I've been supporting the man for the past seven years since his debut and it paid off as I was THERE in Pune when it all happened.

    P.S.I know I've been out of touch with the forums and only something like this could have motivated me and make me post again in CC.
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