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Thread: pick your England squad for pakistan

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    pick your England squad for pakistan

    from the England Pakistan test touring party who would you choose for the first test?

    I thought this will be quite debatable considering the conditions and the youngsters coming through...

    please also give reasons.

    this is mine:

    I would drop pieterson cause i think in those conditions Bell would do better and ultimately it would be an invaluable spin playing experience for him. I would pick loudon instead cause we can get an extra spinner in as well as another batsmen, also for him it will be an invaluable experience for his spin bowling and could eventually mould him into a world class all-rounder. I would pick Plunkett instead of Hoggard cause theres no conventional swing for him and he can't get away with bowling that slow on slow pitches with no movement, also Plunkett can bat a bit. Also Anderson to replace Simon Jones cause he gets good swing.

    That gives Michael a lot of bowling options and strength in batting depth and also gives the youngens a chance and probably the most important expereince of their lives.

    pick yours here:
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    Loudon at 5?

    Quote Originally Posted by Golaxi
    in those conditions Bell would do better
    Because he looked so comfortable against Warne in English conditions, didn't he?

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    I stopped reading at the point where you said "I would drop pieterson [sic]".

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    Please use the Official thread in the future, especially for something as relevant to it as selection.

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