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Thread: Australian Cricketers wearing Footy boots?

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    Australian Cricketers wearing Footy boots?

    Did anyone notice in last nights first Super Series match at the Telstra Dome - that some Aussies, Ponting, Hussey and Martyn, all wore football boots while fielding? Hussey and Martyn wore the Nike Air Tiempo, the white/red version, and Ponting was wearing Adidas white/blue...not sure of the model name.

    Will this catch on?
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    Well Simon and Xavier hit on all the females but the ladies all want Kenny :naughty:
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    all 3 of them?

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    All sports boots will eventually evolve, warp and merge into one.

    Now, any chance of you appearing on msn, Kenny?

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    They were playing on a football pitch, so what do you expect?

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    Fair enough I reckon.. Did you see how slippery and slidey the pitch was.. It's like the surface half naked chicks oil wrestle on.. There were that many slips and slides by the players..

    A suprising amount deliverys were also falling short of the boundary. Not exactly a lightning fast outfield.. Colonial stadium has much to be desired..

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg
    They were playing on a football pitch, so what do you expect?
    Football oval.

    It isn't soccer you bloody Pom.

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