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Thread: Gray Nicholl's "Marauder" range

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    Gray Nicholl's "Marauder" range

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had heard of Gray Nicholl's Marauder range of bats. Not a rage as such, but a "quality".

    Ie, Gray Nicholls currently have "5 Star", "Titanium", "shield", "Pro", and "Carbo" "qualities" of most of their bats. Ie, a Gray Nicholls Longbow "5 star" is much better than a Longbow "shield", which is much better than a Longbow "ultramax", etc etc...

    I'm wondering because i've been offered a Longbow Marauder.I'm wondering exactly how good it is - I'm guessing Marauder was a quality line from a couple of years ago?

    Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

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    Don't even bother with Gray Nicholls. If you want a quality bat you go for Gunn & Moore or Impala.
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    Never heard of it, maybe a really new range?
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    Hmm... i think it is from at least a couple of years ago. It mite possibly be from South Africa...

    Oh well, i'm getting it, gonna be interesting to see how good it is.

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