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Thread: Wishart Quits

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    Wishart Quits

    Another White Bites the Dust;

    ZImbabwe player drain continues

    Wishart quits as problems grow

    Cricinfo staff

    September 30, 2005

    Zimbabwe lost another of their experienced players today with a statement from Craig Wishart that he was retiring from the game.

    Wishart, 31, recently turned down one of the new - and contentious - contracts offered by Zimbabwe Cricket and this is thought to have prompted his decision. He said that "stress from the problems in local cricket" was behind his announcement.

    Wishart played 27 Tests and 23 ODIs for Zimbabwe, averaging 22.40 and 23.22. His unbeaten 172 against Namibia in Harare was the highest individual score in the 2003 World Cup.

    "It's a hard decision, but I can safely confirm that I have retired from all forms of cricket." Wishart said. "Yes, I was offered a contract but I was not happy with it, and to be honest, I was just tired of Zimbabwe cricket, the fighting, and everything.

    "I think we are under a lot of pressure. If we do not sort out things now we might destroy everything that we have built and there will be no cricket for youngsters in the future for coming through the system."

    Trevor Gripper, one of the senior Zimbabwe players now on the sidelines of international cricket, said he will be playing club cricket but added he did not believe he will ever be selected for Zimbabwe again despite insistence by the board that non-contracted players can be picked. Gripper plays for national league side Old Georgians Sports Club in Harare. Zimbabwe's provincial club cricket begins on Sunday.

    "I will play for my club when work allows", said Gripper, who has just retuned from a honeymoon after his marriage last month. "But on the national team, we have to stop dreaming. These guys have never done what they say they will do. We are told that if you score runs and take wickets you'll get selected, but I doubt if that is going to happen.

    "I am happy to play club cricket, and I'm willing to offer my advice if anyone wants it, and help out the youngsters at the club. But the reality of the situation is that club cricket is in a terrible state. First-class is a joke. Standards have gone down. Honestly, where in Zimbabwe can we get players for five first-class sides? If we can't do that then that won't be first-class cricket."

    ZC have added a fifth first-class side in Masvingo province, but in a plan to incorporate the province into Zimbabwe's first-class competition, the Logan Cup, has not yet been announced.

    The statements by Wishart and Gripper further undermine attempts by the Zimbabwe board to show the world that the situation in the country is on the mend. Earlier in the month, the national players issued a statement condemning the behaviour of the board, and immediately after the board's AGM was held in near farcical conditions with journalists barred and stakeholders prevented from quizzing senior officials.

    I actually think Wishart brought this on himself by refusing to play in the last match of the Videocon Series, and I wouldn't be surprised if Carlisle follows suit. It really was an incrediably stupid thing to do with the current climate in Zimbabwe.

    Wishart never really lived up to his potential as a test batsman. By rights and natural ability he should have average thirty and been a quick-scoring middle order player in the mould of, say, Craig McMillan, but he kept getting messed around by the selectors and never cemented a place in the side. Probably his best innings was his 94 in partnership with Hamilton Masakadza (who scored a century on debut) in 2001 which helped Zimbabwe acheive a draw against West Indies. Wishart will also be remembered for having scored Zimbabwe's highest ODI score, 173* against Namibia in the first match of the 2003 WC.

    The news that Masvingo are being put into the Logan Cup is interesting, because it has never been a cricket province, mainly due (I think) to there being few whites in that area. The best player it has produced is probably Blessing Mahwire. I wonder if he'll be made captain?

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    A shame, I always rated Wishart, at least as good if not better than Stuart Carlisle.
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    Ja a big shame Not unexpected though
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    I think Wishart was finally hitting his straps when the whole rebels thing happened, so it was horrible timing for him.

    Looked good in the tests against Australia, without actually going on to make a score of note (apart from a hundred in a tour match against WA), and then batted really well back at home in the one dayers against West Indies. He got injured thent though, and missed the VB series and the tour against Bangladesh, and then the rebels situation hit.
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    Although he did choose to be part of the rebels, mind you I would have done the same thing.
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