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Thread: Super Series

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    Super Series


    Anyone interested in live cricket *********,

    Superskills cricket Series: $17.00 USD
    England vs Pakistan: $30.00 USD

    CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE TO BUY THE MATCHES: www.*******************
    PAYPAL PAYMENTS ONLY, OUR ID: **********************

    How dose it Work: When you pay the money after, we will send you the user name and
    password; basically your watching the matches right on our web site by using the
    user name and password, and the quality you will be getting is 327 KBPS, if you
    dont like the quality or you had some other issues, no problem we will give you
    your money back and remmember theres no buffering issues with our stream.

    If you have any questions or need to ask something e-mail us at or add me to your
    msn messenger: ********************** and our Paypal id is: **********************

    and remmember to visit our webite: www.******************* to buy the cricket matches.

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    Take your spamming somewhere else!

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