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Thread: Captaining a Side as a Bowler

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    Captaining a Side as a Bowler

    This is a prospect which I'm set to encounter this season. After getting a phone call from the club president today advising me of my appointment I just realised how hard it's going to be to do my job effectively.

    I also harboured dreams of perhaps sharing the new ball this season, but now even giving myself a go at first change might well be perceived as selfish. There also might be times during a spell when you're getting hit around but u have a feeling that you are on the verge of getting someone out... do you stay on or not?

    I can't get through to Courtney Walsh so is there anyone on cricketweb with any ideas or tips on how to best captain a side whilst you're a bowler?
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    ian, thats wild news imho. good luck
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    great news, you are a good captain i can say with confidence (and having shared the new ball with you a couple of times )

    trust your instincts, bowl when you reakon your the best person to bowl - share it around though a little.

    maybe bat lower in the order to make yourself look less selfish?
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    I captained my side last season, and although I am only an occasional bowler, I found that if you are a good captain, and have the respect of your team-mates, they won't accuse you of over-bowling yourself. Generally, you have to treat yourself as you would treat any other bowler, and if it turns out that you do end up taking the new ball, then fine if that's what you think is best for the team. However, the minute you stop making decisions on what's best for the team and start making them on what's best for you is the minute you become a bad captain.

    Don't be afraid to stand up for your own decisions - if you make a mistake, admit so, but don't be bullied by your team-mates. If you choose to bowl yourself when others wouldn't, then OK, but if it doesn't work, be prepared to take a step back and admit you were wrong.

    Bottom line is, as long as you play well, and captain well, no-one'll care how much you bowl or where you bat. I batted number 1 last season every game, regardless of form, and that was my own decision - but I backed it up with runs at important times, and my team-mates respected my judgement, so no-one called my position into question. When they called into question my opening partner (and he lost all confidence and wanted to bat down the order), I forced him to continue to open - he top-scored with 41 in a 90-run victory.

    Do what you want, but back yourself to the hilt - that's about the size of it.

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend andyc's Avatar
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    I had been thinking myself that it's not very often, at least in pretty recent times, that you see a bowler as a captain. I can't offer you much help except to wish you good luck

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    I am in the same position as you Slats.. But I have been doing it for awhile. I find it really hard not to overbowl myself or under bowl myself. Finding the balance is difficult. I tend to ask my senior players what they think should happen regarding an issue where I am personally involved in the field. If they think I should keep bowling then that gives me much more confidence to keep going.

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    thats great news blaze how are you by the way ?

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    Make sure that you coincide your third spell to start as the 7th wicket falls

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    Well done!

    Some players lift their game when they become captain: Benaud, Border for instance. Others lose form: Taylor, Botham come to mind.

    'Captaincy is ninety per cent luck and ten per cent skill... but, for heaven's sake, don't try it without that little ten per cent'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slats4ever
    I can't get through to Courtney Walsh so is there anyone on cricketweb with any ideas or tips on how to best captain a side whilst you're a bowler?
    Maybe you should try Khaled Mahmud
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