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Thread: International 20:20 challenge

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    International 20:20 challenge

    Not much coverage on this - Here's a link for those interested -

    Only 20:20 champions from England,South Africa,Pakistan and Sri Lanka seem to be involved .

    Leicestershire, Chilaw Marians , Faisalabad Wolves and PCA masters XI to play in the Semis today (Saturday -England time ).

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    Chilaw Marians and PCA masters XI in to the finals. should be interesting.

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    Yeah, go us.

    Might see if I can get down to Grace Road.

    Fu**ed up idea though, a big competition starting on the 15th September in England.
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    Or something.

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    Well with Leicesetershie organising it, what did you expect Jamee?
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    BTW you can get coverage (free registration) in very good quality at

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg
    BTW you can get coverage (free registration) in very good quality at
    I'm watching it on sportal myself. Leicestershire are imploding badly in the semi.
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    Some truly awful shots played, virtually every time someone tries a slog they get out but they keep trying to slog regardless.

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